Keeping the house tidy with kids!

As a busy parent who works part time, I’m always on the lookout for products that make cleaning up and tidying the house quick and effortless. I never seem to quite manage to keep on top of the house work; washing always needs doing, I hoover almost constantly and there’s always something on the floor, whether it be toys, slippers, socks, a sippy cup. No matter how much I pick up during the day, it never stays tidy for long.

With that in mind, I was after a few items that I could use that would make tidying up after EVERY snack or meal time quicker and less of a faff and also some storage solutions to keep the house looking just a little more tidy.

We were offered the chance to review the Gtech AirRam cordless vacuum and I jumped at the chance. As much as I love my upright mains vacuum, it’s heavy and cumbersome and sometimes just a pain to keep getting out. The Gtech AirRam is so effortlessly light and easy to use, empty and clean, it has quickly become the main vacuum in the house. I love it.gtech airam

Its key features have to include the fact that it’s a cordless vacuum (this in itself is enough to shout about; it makes cleaning up after dinner time effortless), it steers really nicely and doesn’t feel awkward because of the clever rotating mechanism, it’s light at only 3.5kgs, and it has 100W power. The Gtech AirRam charges in a few hours and lasts long enough to vacuum the whole house (and a little bit more!).

The AirRam lifts the dirt and dust really well from both carpets and smooth floors. It actually picks up more than our top brand upright vacuum which surprised me a lot. Although this will never be able to replace your regular vacuum because there are no hose attachments to reach those nooks and crannies but we certainly use this on a daily basis to keep the general mess at bay.

img_5552.jpgThe mess after dinner time!img_5553.jpgAfter one passing of the vacuum.img_5554.jpgAfter vacumming all the small bits up.

So it vacuum’s brilliantly, is easy to manoeuvre, is light enough that my three year old can use it and is compact enough to store easily. But there is one more strength to this amazing vacuum; it doesn’t use a bag or cylinder to trap the dirt, it uses a small plastic tray inside the base unit. This is clever for several reasons. Firstly, there’s no real places for larger items accidentally vacuumed to get stuck and secondly, it’s so compact and easy to remove that you can simply lift it out and tip it into your regular bin. With my regular vacuum, I have to take the cylinder outside and ‘bash’ it to get most of the dirt out and always end up in a cloud of dust. This is a thing of the past with the Gtech AirRam.img_5557.jpg

There are two filters which will need cleaning in this unit. They can easily be accessed by using a coin to unlock it. Gtech recommend you clean them once a month to avoid any clogging issues – when I say cleaning, you simply have to run it under a tap! It really is that simple.

This vacuum is an absolute must when you have children and it’s even great for pet hairs. I would certainly recommend this product again and again and is well worth the £200 price tag.

Having found a manageable and not overly frustrating way to keep the vacuuming efforts to a minimum, it was now time to try and contain all the toys, laundry and other mess articles that are synonymous with having children.

I have bought some quality pieces of furniture that I will use long after the children’s toys have gone, like this oak blanket box. However, in my eyes, there needs to be order to such pieces of storage else there will always be toys that sit at the bottom of the chest forgotten about and seldom played with. This however means the trunk isn’t ‘full’ and additional storage was still needed to contain all the children’s toys.img_5619.jpg


Instead of binning the toys that were forever on the floor, I used the B&Q Konnect and Mixxit storage cubes along with lots of coloured boxes to contain their toys.

In the front room, I have used a simple two box storage Konnect unit and Isabella chose a pink and green box to separate both her and Benjamin’s toys. In the old house we had a playroom and we used a larger 9 cube Mixxit storage unit with different coloured boxes; we now have this unit in the dining room and use it to keep toys, dressing up items, crafts and other such items tidy but easily accessible.




I think these units are so useful and eclectic; they aren’t just useful for toy storage but I’ve also put a laundry system in place that uses the Konnect storage too. I use 4 plastic containers instead of fabric boxes (one for each of us) and as I’m folding the laundry, I simply put the clothes into the corresponding box. I can then simply take each box to the right room when putting the laundry away. It may not seem like the most ingenious idea but it really does save me time as I don’t sort and fold clothes more than once.


Before this system, I was folding them into one large basket and then tipping them out on the bed to sort in to piles before taking them into the right rooms. Inevitably, something would often interrupt me in the middle of this process and I would end up scooping the laundry back into the large box and sorting it again the next day.

While the garage space is far from finished, it’s certainly made my life easier. I am going to add shelves above the cube unit and a work surface over the washing machine and tumble dryer to make storage of laundry detergents etc tidier and the folding of clothes more pleasant as I won’t have to do it on the floor!

We were given the Gtech AirRam for the purpose of this review; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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