Keeping your garden gorgeous this summer

With the warmer weather coming, you’ll find your garden starts to spring into life. With that, your lawn will likely start growing at a rate of knots. So here’s a few top tips for getting a gorgeous garden this summer.

Think about new plants

It might be an obvious fact to some that your garden is all about the plants, however, it can be all to easy to forget this from time to time. If you are finding that your garden isn’t looking quite as bright as it used to, then you might want to think about adding new plants to brighten it up again. It doesn’t matter if you are particularly green fingered or not, there are a number of options open to you. All you really need is to consider are the colours and styles that you like, before researching when the best time to plant them is. In no time at all, you will find that you have a beautifully bright and colourful space. You can also investigate which plants come back year on year so you’re more likely to keep enjoying your beautiful garden

Give it all a good tidy!

Your garden can, from time to time, become a little messy and cluttered. Just like the rest of your home, it can benefit from a touch of spring cleaning. If you find that your garden is looking tired and not at its best, then the time has come to get out there and get to work.

rab your shears and your trowels and your strimmers and make sure to trim plants back and dig up all those pesky weeds. Keep the lawn mown and keep the edges tidy with a strimmer; this is especially helpful when you have raised beds or play houses or play equipment in the garden. Get rid of any unnecessary items, especially if you have children leaving bits of toys or pots everywhere. We have tried to contain all the toys and we keep it all in the playhouse; we’ve found that by having storage inside the playhouse, helps us to keep the children’s bits tidy and helps us have an adult element to the garden too.

Make a cosy seating area

In every garden, you should have somewhere you can sit and relax and enjoy your gorgeous garden. In our smallish garden, I want something that looks nice, is comfortable but also can store away and be more compact when not in use so we’ve been looking into Rattan Cube Furniture. We would love to be able to have enough seating to entertain without taking up the entire garden! The cube storage idea also means we can leave it out over the winter and tuck it away in a corner without it looking like an eye saw!

If you feel this is all too much, have you considered a gardener? You can read all about getting a gardener in my other posts.

What are your top tips for getting that gorgeous garden?


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