Looking for artwork to spruce up your home?

Whether you work from home or just want to make your house a home, taking the time to consider your wall space and how to dress it, can have a huge impact on your home décor. Turning a drab wall into something spectacular doesn’t have to be time consuming or costly. For a simple, quick and cost effective way of creating that wow factor, you can shop for incredible art work at  https://www.photowall.com/ca-en/posters. Whatever the room, Photowall has a wide range of colourful artwork to chose from.

Living room with sliding glass door to balcony – artwork from photographer portfolio

Know Where to Shop

Half the battle when looking at buying artwork is knowing the best places to shop. You want to buy fantastic quality art that is going to last but recently things have been more about the online experience of shopping. You can rest assured that you will not be disappointed when you shop with Photowall as they have a 4.8 out of 5 start Trustpilot review. I always look for good reviews online as you can never be too sure what you are buying when you view online.

Not only can you choose from thousands of motifs already available online, but Photowall also offer a free, no pressure to buy option to send your own photo in to be turned into your own poster. All their posters can be customised depending on your needs and are shipped within 1-3 days.

It’s not just about great quality products these days though, people care greatly about how the company are looking after the environment too. With posters and prints, the nature of the beast being that they are made from paper means Photowall have had to get creative on this one. Because they care about the environment, Photowall only make their products to order. There are no posters just hanging around waiting to be bought and certainly none being dumped unnecessarily and to top it off, none of the ink they use has any harmful chemicals in and is biodegradable.

Every purchase over at Photowall goes to support their great collaboration with Vi Agroforestry where they plant 5000 trees a year in the are surrounding Lake Victoria in East Africa.

What to choose?

Whether you are looking for a bright and bold piece of abstract art to really catch your eye in the hallway or kitchen, or you are wanting something more traditional to finish off your dining room, there really is something to cater to all tastes. Prints and posters are a great way to help you create a great living space in your home.

I love bright prints and have started growing quite a collection myself. We tend to go for loud colours in the kitchen and hallway with more muted designs in the living room. Next on our to do list though is the upstairs landing, study and our bedroom. These are the final rooms in the house we need to decorate and I’ve been browsing to get some inspiration for them. I’ve even thought about making feature walls.

Although I normally go for colour, I have fallen in love with this London Skyline in black. With the black wooden poster hangers, I think this would be perfect for our study. My husband works a lot in London and as we share a study, I think this would be a perfect blend of our personalities.

For the Landing, I was thinking of something abstract as I want to put family photos on the wall leading up the stairs so I though these two abstract prints would work well side by side. Although slightly different colours, I really like how they work together and feel it would allow me to change the wall colours more too.

For the bedroom I think I’d likely go for something more linked to nature. I really love this Sparklers poster as it reminds me of an ephemeral dandelion just about to blow into the wind.

There you have it

So now you’ve seen a few of the posters I’ve totally fallen for, I hope it’s given you some inspiration for your own space. If you have enjoyed reading this post, why not check out my tips on redecorating your child’s bedroom.



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