Making Your Home Space Work For You

We are in the middle of our building works – I would have hoped to have a little more to update you on but we’ve had a few delays, which I won’t get into here -but now things are getting back on track, my mind is turning to the decoration.

We’ve decided to extend the kitchen in the hopes to create a much more family friendly space that we can all use and enjoy. Previously, whenever I’ve been cooking, the kids want to come into the kitchen and talk, ask questions about homework or play where I am and there just wasn’t the space. I constantly felt like I was shooing them away or tripping over them. This in turn made dinner prep a laborious task which I hated.

With Benjamin starting school this year, Isabella going into year 3 and me upping my hours at work, I just knew that after school routine would need to be tightened and we needed to do something to make family life better. Although some might say it’s a little over the top and unnecessary, we decided to extend the downstairs to create a space where the children could sit and work/play while I sorted dinner etc.

We started the build mid May and, while we were hoping for it to be finished by the end of August, it hasn’t quite gone to plan and I’m still living with half a kitchen. However, to maximize the space and the make the most of the downstairs, we have also decided to play around with the rooms downstairs. Previously we had the back half of the lounge for the kids’ toys and games however, now we are moving the dining room table into the kitchen, we’ve decided to make the lounge a toy free zone and turn the dining room into a play room / work area.

Although I’m not necessarily looking for an office type feel, I’m thinking that some of the more commercial furniture could look really good. There are some really practical storage solutions that I could use for the kids toys and books but also to keep my crafting bits hidden away too. Currently my paper craft things are split between the study and an ottoman in the front room. If I got some of the funky looking storage like the Me Office Storage and the tall pedestal and combine that with the square box shelving we currently have, we could maximize the usability of the room. Another bonus would be that the room would grow with us. I wouldn’t need to change the furniture as they grow, we can just turn it into a study space.

I’d like to make the room bright and inviting with the use of bright and bold colours. I’d like to achieve this through the furniture rather than the colour on the walls as I think it will make the room feel bigger. I also thought some chunky floating shelves could be used to display some of the children’s special items while a bright rug would make the room more inviting for play. The kids are currently fighting over the colours but I think I’m going to overrule them and go for a teal/green combo.

I’d love to know if you’ve done something similar! Show me your pictures … I’d love some extra inspiration.

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