Modern Kitchen

Kitchens are often the heart of the home and whether you just love sitting down to family meals, or you enjoy hosting friends and family, the kitchen seems to be the place you all end up. Having a well-designed modern kitchen could be the perfect excuse for you to have a few friends over and pop open a bottle or two. Schmidt fitted modern kitchens are a Scandinavian inspired wood and natural colours kitchen with elegant geometric design.

You can opt for smart storage solutions in the central kitchen island – perfect for parties! Or if you don’t have as much space as that, you might opt for the clever wall storage and cupboard space instead. What ever your space and needs, you can personalise and design your fitted kitchen to suit you.

Make the Most of your Space

Before you even get to deciding on the cupboards, worktops and colour scheme, you should look at the space you have and what you can achieve. Ignore the layout of your current kitchen, unless you really love how it works for you, and draw an outline of the space you will have once the old kitchen is ripped out.

Once you have your space, decide what appliances are a must and plan the most convenient place to have them. You can always move pipe work if it makes your kitchen more user friendly. For example, if you’re looking at having multiple ovens, you might consider moving away from the traditional hob with oven underneath and opt for ovens nestled in-between a large wall of cupboards and the hob on a more open extended worktop/bar area. Having placed all your appliances, you can then begin to plan your cupboard space. I knew I wanted a pull-out larder for example so started with this item and worked my way from there.

When you have a general layout, you can use tools such as 3D Planners to really help you visualise your new kitchen. What I love most about these 3D Planners is the ability to test out all different layouts to sit your space. Initially what I thought I wanted didn’t quite look right once the space and sizing had been worked out but with a little tweaking, we managed to mock up out perfect kitchen design.

How Much is too Much?

When it comes to cupboard space, can you ever have too much? We were really fortunate when we came to designing our kitchen in that we had more space than we needed. We opted to have more floor level cupboards and less wall cupboards to make the room feel bigger and less cluttered. We planned out exactly what we were going to keep in which cupboard at the planning stage to ensure we had more than enough cupboard space. I would have been gutted if we had designed something that looked great but didn’t really fit what we needed it to.

Colour and Material

The colour, material and look of your kitchen is just as important as the layout. Once you have installed your kitchen, I’m guessing you won’t want to change it in a hurry! So consider the colours that you will want to keep for your cupboard doors and maybe accessorise with colours you might wish to change. Think about what material you want your cupboards to be made from and the overall look you are going for. Do you want clean lines and modern sleek colours or more traditional wood with panelling? Try a few options on the 3D Planner to get a feel for the overall look. Play around with colours until you’re happy and don’t be afraid to be bold with your choices.

Lighting and Accessories

Don’t forget about lighting and accessories. The lighting you choose for your kitchen can have a dramatic impact. Whether you are opting for bright spot lights with some accent lighting over the breakfast bar or dining table, think about what will make a statement. Even the colour of the bulbs can impact how you feel about your kitchen. We have found that spot lights in the main kitchen area are perfect for day to day life and we use a feature hanging pendant above our dining table to add mood lighting for dinner parties. It also adds to the overall look of our kitchen and makes it feel more personalised and unique to our taste.

Adding accessories that fit to your theme will help you tie in any colour schemes or looks that you are going for. Research what is available and don’t just rely on picture searches as you might not be able to get your hands on the item you so desperately need to tie everything all together.

Don’t forget the floor

You will use your kitchen so much everyday that you need to think carefully about the best options for flooring. Do you need something that is easy to clean? Are you looking for durability? Do you just want it to ooze class? What ever you want your floor to do, make sure you consider all your options. There are some really smart luxury vinyl flooring options that you can choose which look like wood or ceramic tiles but are warmer under foot and more durable.

Whatever you decide, careful planning of your kitchen will help to ensure your fitted kitchen will be the heart of your home for years to come.


  1. I am loving the white cabinet refinishing with wood slats. So beautiful and modern!

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