My Garden needs some TLC!

We’ve been in our ‘new’ house for just over 2 years now but there’s still so much we want and need to do to make it perfect. One of the items on our ever growing to-do list is the garden. Apart from adding things for the children (a large play-set and a small wooden play house), we really haven’t done much to it and it’s starting to show – it definitely needs some TLC.

Adults need a nice space too

With summer slowly creeping up on us, we’ve started to look at things we would love to do to the garden to ensure that it’s a place for adults as well as the children. Top on the list of things to do is add some decent garden furniture. We have a glass garden table and folding chairs that we bought on a whim in our first house and it’s just moved with us on our three moves. It certainly seen better days and I think this year we’re going to try to find some something  little nicer! We’ve been looking at some of the garden deals you can get on Groupon and one of my favourites so far is the 9, 11 or 13 piece Cubed Rattan Dining Set.

Why? Well in our smallish garden, I want something that looks nice, is comfortable but also can store away and be more compact when not in use. We would love to be able to have enough seating to entertain without taking up the entire garden! The cube storage idea also means we can leave it out over the winter and tuck it away in a corner without it looking like an eye saw!

Storage always helps

As well as new seating, I’d ideally need to get some extra storage to put down the side of the shed. Wen we moved in, there was already a shed in the garden, so we have just re-used the concrete base with our new shed. The only issue, there is quite a large gap down the side which id really wasted space. If we can find some sort of storage box, we could keep all the children’s toys tidied away making the garden look less cluttered.

Add some colour

Finally, we don’t have any plant beds at all so I think either getting some gorgeous and bright potted plants, or maybe even adding a raised bed or two to break up the garden a little would go a long way. I’m not much of a gardener so I would need whatever I buy or do to be low maintenance and kid-proof too!

What are your top tips for creating your perfect garden?

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