My ideal bedroom and en-suite

This is a collaborative post.

In November we will have been in our house for 2 years – although, it seems to have just flown by! As soon as we got the keys, we had someone in to replace the boiler and my husband painted the children’s rooms so they were excited about their new room and we also painted the living room so it looked nice and fresh.

At the time our bedroom and en-suite were fine and we decided to leave it until we had some more money. Well, two years on and it’s definitely looking tired. I’ve tried brightening it up with some new bed-covers and rearranging some of the furniture but I’ve also started to put a little wish list together of how I’d like my room to be.

Although we don’t spend masses of time in there (awake!), I would love for it to feel more like our own sanctuary free from any of the children’s things and just an inviting space. It’s a large room so we could do a lot with it, we just need to invest some time and money in it.

Quick Changes

One of the things I know we can change and something I know will have a big impact on the look and feel of the room are the blinds. Currently we have very faded roman blinds (that are weirdly positioned on the outer side of the wall, like you would hang a curtain rail) and they let in a lot of light in the mornings. For the odd occasions we do get to sleep in later than 6:30, it would be really nice to not have light streaming through the blinds. Direct Blinds have a huge range of blinds at a reasonable price – they even have blackout and thermal lined blinds which would be prefect for us.

I think blinds, teamed with a lick of paint and some coordinating accessories would be a great start to making this room a haven. Eventually I would love to get a corner wardrobe built in to maximise the storage space in out room. Currently we have Isabella’s old wardrobes as she now has built in ones. I’ve seen some amazing custom built ones but will have to save a lot before we can do those.

We currently have a duck egg blue on one wall with the rest of the room a more neutral tone. I don’t dislike this, it just looks quite faded and worn now. I’d either like to freshen it up with a more vibrant tone of teal or perhaps even go for a yellow.


The en-suite, while not being in the worst condition isn’t really very modern. Everything needs updating and I’d again love to maximise the space with some clever storage solutions. Travis Perkins have a wide range of cabinets and bathroom furniture as well as some lovely looking bathroom suits.

I would keep things clean and fresh with a white suite and inject a splash of colour with the accessories or even have a feature wall so that I could easily change the feel of the room when I fancied a refresh. I’m not a huge fan of fabric blinds in the bathroom but I would like some privacy still so these faux wooden shutters from Direct Blinds could be a possible solution.

We loved having heated towel rails in our previous homes and really miss them this time round so I’d make sure that we had a large enough one in the en-suite to keep our towels lovely and warm in the winter.

If you could change one of the rooms in your house, which would you choose?

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