New boiler and heating system

When we moved into our current home, we knew that the heating system would need updating. The was quite old, didn’t look like it was going to last much longer and wasn’t hugely efficient. We decided that for the first week we officially owned the house that I would move in with my parents for a week and we would get the heating fixed before we officially moved in.

Pipes and boiler of gas heating system in the house



There are actually more choices available for central heating systems than I first imagined. You can have a conventional, combi, non-condensing, condensing and a system boiler all of which have their own merits depending on the home you are trying to heat. You can find out more by reading handy guides available online.

I presumed (wrongly) that we would get a combi boiler, as that’s what we have always had. However, after speaking to a professional we were convinced to upgrade to a condenser boiler and relocate the boiler and cylinder to the garage. Although we knew that this would add to the overall cost, we definitely thought it would be the most beneficial in the long run. Our plumber explained the benefits and pitfalls of each system carefully to us so we were able to make an informed decision which would be best for our home.

Before you decide on changing your whole central heating system though, you should look at the reasons for changing. Do you need a whole system change or could you benefit from a simple boiler change? Speak to a professional to ensure you make the right decision and avoid shelling out thousands of pounds when you really don’t need to.


Once you have a system in mind, you need to consider the installation. Not only do you need to know how long it’s going to take, you also need to decide on where your boiler is going to go. For our new home, we initially looked at putting the boiler in the loft. Our plumber suggested the idea and I thought it would be perfect as it wouldn’t be in our way at all. However, we decided later (partly because out loft isn’t actually that tall) that moving it all into the garage would work better for our home. It meant that the central heating boiler and condenser could be hidden away without taking away any real storage space within the home but it would also be easily accessible if we needed to reach it for whatever reason.

Boiler installation and handyman in boiler room


For our new system, we needed new pipework to be installed. This was mainly  to relocate the water tank from upstairs to the integral garage as well as removing the old boiler from the kitchen wall into the garage. Luckily, we didn’t need to add additional radiators or move any other pipework. When we looked at the updated systems, we opted for a large water tank which would be more efficient and cheaper to run. As it was going to be hidden in the garage we weren’t concerned about the size. Three years on and we are really happy with our choice. The boiler and the whole system has been reliable and efficient. I worried to begin with that we would sometimes run out of hot water but our tank is brilliant and we’ve never run out of hot water.

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