Nursery Makeover

We weren’t very organised this time round when it came to sorting and decorating the nursery ready for baby number two. I remember for Isabella we had the nursery painted and furniture made up by the April and she wasn’t due until the end of August; this time I was around 36 weeks when we finally got round to painting and putting up the furniture but it wasn’t until I was 38 weeks that we got most of it finished. Benjamin is four weeks old now and it’s still not 100% complete- I haven’t got lighting sorted or all the storage I need.

Because we didn’t know the sex of Benjamin before we started, we decided to paint in a neutral grey and then add colour to the room with the soft furnishings once he was born. I had decided on the colour scheme once I saw the Timbuktales range in Mamas and Papas. It was so bright and vibrant which was what really drew me to it. With Isabella we went with a neutral paint as well as neutral soft furnishings and after a few months I wanted to change it (I didn’t!) as it just wasn’t bright enough so this time I wanted colour. Isabella really loved helping to paint the nursery and I felt it was good that she could get involved before we suddenly brought a new baby home.

We have reused the furniture from when we had Isabella and we went with the Mamas and Papas Rialto range. I would have loved white furniture this time round to go with my colour scheme and ‘design’ but the cot-bed and chest of draws were in such good condition that we really couldn’t justify it. I have to say the Mamas and Papas range have been brilliant and have lasted well these past two and a half years.

We kept the bedding neutral and went with grey to match the walls with the idea that we would add colour with the cot mobile, pictures and smaller bits around the room because the room is quite small and I wanted to make it feel as light and airy as possible. We went with Baroo’s Counting Sheep 5 Piece Bedding Bale which included a quilt and bumper set, fitted sheet, fleece blanket and cushion. Not only does this design look great, it’s so soft too. The bumper, quilt and fitted sheet are made from 100% cotton which helps to make them so soft. Benjamin isn’t using the cot just yet (just the odd 5 minutes here and there) so we haven’t bought a new mattress but we fully intend on doing so before he starts using it to reduce the change of sudden infant death. There are a huge range of mattresses available at Mattress Next Day

A lovely friend bought us a really gorgeous Noah’s Arch print which really adds colour to the walls. We’ve put this over the cot in a safety frame which doesn’t use glass. The other image we have is from Olli Ella which is printed on woven cotton paper and looks beautiful on the window sill. The print features a mummy and baby whale with the quote ‘The places you will go’ which is a lovely quote for a growing baby. We didn’t get it framed and instead brought a matching frame to the Noah’s Ark print from Hobby Craft.


Because the room is quite small and a little awkward in shape, we needed to think logically about storage and the practicality of accessing nappies, wipes etc. With Isabella I had the best of intentions of putting everything away in the wardrobe after each use and we used a nappy storage system but in all honesty, this didn’t last and we ended up leaving most things out on the changing table. This time round, I decided to buy a small stand along unit and use canvas boxes to keep all our changing essentials in as Isabella was going to want to be involved and I felt we needed to keep certain things out of her reach. We used the Mixxit unit from B&Q and I have been really happy with the quality (we have a larger version of this in our playroom too). It’s great value for money and we were able to add colour with the canvas boxes.

We have used spice racks from Ikea to make a little book shelf area that would fit behind the door. They were such good value for money (£3 each!) and you can paint them any colours you like. We actually had these paint samples left over from when we were paining our kitchen so used those instead of buying new paint. If I were to re-paint them, I’d definitely just use sample pots as there was plenty there to cover them.

The wardrobe is one of the spaces that I’m still unhappy with. It’s an inbuilt space over the stairs so it’s in an awkward place and is also quite deep but not always accessible. I have started to get some boxes to keep toys and accessories in but I really want to actually do something with the space itself to make it easier to use and better storage space overall. I’m constantly on Pinterest for inspiration.

We have also put some wall stickers on the plainer areas of the walls to add interest and colour; we went with cheeky looking monkeys and I’m really happy with the result. It’s not too much for a small room but gives enough colour and interest to the room.

So this is where we are at … I’ll add an update as and when it’s finished!





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