The benefits of engineered parquet flooring

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Looking for a fresh look for your floor but don’t really know what to go for? Why not have a look at engineered parquet flooring?

What are the benefits of engineered wood?

The main benefits of choosing an engineered wood over solid wood is the process that the engineered wood goes through. Because it is manufactured in a way that uses multiple layers of wood tightly pressed together, it is much less prone to warping and movement over time and can therefore withstand rapid temperature changes within your home.

Engineered wood is also incredibly hard wearing due to the manufacturing process. This makes it a great choice for families with children and pets! The hardwearing nature is designed to withstand a lot of traffic from your family.

These engineered woods are also brilliant for keeping clean. They are low maintenance and you can use a variety of methods to keep it clean. It’s easy to vacuum, mop or wipe as long as you don’t overload it with water.


What I love about engineered wood is the versatility of the product. There is so much choice available in terms of colour, size of plank and design that you can create the most amazing design in almost any space.  Parquet flooring is a really unique wooden flooring that can really transform the look of your home.

Parquet flooring has remained a popular choice for home owners due to its versatility and beauty; it can be laid in many different patterns and formations to suit many different styles and rooms. It has also seen a more modern twist of late with lighter colours and wider planks being used. It had in more recent years been seen as quite a dated flooring option, but has seen a come back more recently. The symmetrical look of parquet flooring has helped this look be back in trend.


The cost of flooring has always had a say in the options you choose. Sometimes wanting the look but not being able to afford it has been an issue. Now with engineered parquet flooring, you can redecorate your home to get the latest on trend look at an affordable price.

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