Thinking of Flooring

Ok, no it’s not the most glamorous of musings but with our planning permission documents submitted and all our fingers crossed, my mind has started to turn to decorating the extension and more than that the flooring. Obviously we are still a way off and we still don’t know 100% that it’s going to happen, but when has that ever stopped me!

We have chosen a kitchen we would like so if the extension does go ahead, we will have a larger kitchen and will also transform the layout at the front of the house. This will mean that we need to consider new flooring throughout the front of the house.

Our house is quite cold generally due to the windows not being great and the integral garage door being slightly warped. If the extension goes ahead, we will be able to put right some of these things but I still worry about the house being cold so I am tempted not to go for a tiled floor in the kitchen like we currently have. I want something that is warmer than tiles but that still has a sleek look to it.

Lots of Choice

Lifestyle Flooring UK have a huge range of different flooring to choose from including vinyl, laminate, amtico, wooden flooring as well as carpets. I quite like the look of tiled floor so am currently steering more towards a vinyl with a tile look to it or I even quite like the look of this ‘Warm Concrete’ look. I want something which will look smart but not show every tiny crumb or piece of dust, as let’s face it, kids, cat and immaculate kitchen don’t always go hand in hand!

Ever Considered Engineered Wood?

For the long hallway and entrance I think something a little more warning like a wood floor would be perfect.  We’ve used engendered wood before and the quality was great so I’m thinking something like this ‘Linton Brilliance Natural Oak look would work well. The protective layer the Linton floor offers is ideal for high traffic areas such as the hall and is resistant to wear and tear as well as spills (which I think will work well for wet shoes too!).

Previously when we have installed engineered wood, it’s been easy to install with the tongue and groove installation method. And as well as this, the finished look gives you a premium look without the solid wood price tag. I really think this is the way forwards for a super look in your high traffic areas.

As the utility room and cloakroom are going to be next to each other opposite the kitchen, I think I will continue the engineered wood look throughout. Had the utility come straight off the kitchen, I would have matched this to the kitchen floor but with it being across the hall, I think it would look too odd to have different flooring throughout.

So here are my plans … now I’m keeping everything crossed that we get planning permission so that I can make these dreams a reality!

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