Updating Bathrooms

On our ever increasing to do list for the house are the bathrooms. Although our en-suite bathroom is relatively new and in good working order, one thing it doesn’t have is a shower. My husband ends up having to use the family bathroom which isn’t the end of the world, I know. But if we are going to be renovating the bathrooms, it’s certainly something he’d love to have.


So here’s  my inspiration post of my perfect bathroom. It’s something we will aspire towards after having the extension built.

While the room is actually relatively large, I want to keep the feeling of space and get rid of the large inbuilt units. The whole unit is clunky and impractical, as it doesn’t actually offer us a lot of storage space. Instead I would go for a stylish floor mounted vanity cabinet that didn’t take up the entire wall. Currently our sink and toilet are ll attached to one massive wall unit and this looks very cumbersome. Not only this, it also makes any repair work we need doing to either the sink or toilet very difficult as it’s all hidden within a wall mounted unit. With a floor mounted unit which isn’t as large, we would get the feeling of space and would be able to re-position the bathroom suite to suit the room better.

I’d also update our towel storage. At the moment we have a perfectly usable rack we bought from Ikea many, many moons ago but it doesn’t really fit with the overall look of the room any more. Instead I’d love a tall unit that had exposed shelves as well as a cupboard at the bottom to keep some of the ‘mess’ hidden. There are some lovely designs available at the moment in a range of colours. I would add a splash of colour with this (so it’s easier to change if I ever get bored of the design) and would keep the walls and the units very neutral and light. Colour is quite important but I feel if you add colour through accessories, you won’t feel like you need to change the whole design at a huge cost later on.

Bath and Shower

I love the idea of having a free standing bath. I’d then have a separate shower with the correct shower pump for our needs. Making sure you have the right shower pump for your water system is important to ensure you have a consistent water pressure so ensure you know what you need before you buy. You might want to consult your plumber before hand as they will be able to guide you to the right pump for your needs.

Another idea I’m looking into is using a laminate tile rather than normal tiles on the floor. One of our current floor tiles is cracked (it was when we moved in) and means changing the entire floor to fix this as they no longer sell the tiles. I also think the laminate floor would add warmth to the room and would be far nicer to step on in the winter months. Team this with a chrome towel rail and I think the room will be cosy and relaxing as well as contemporary and bright.

So this is our ideal. Do you have any interesting ideas for a bathroom revamp?

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