Updating your kids bedroom with a mural

Wallpaper has been used in houses for centuries and it’s now trendier than ever to decorate your home with the inspiring prints, colours and textures available. But it’s not just wallpaper, if you’re looking for a statement piece, or something to simply brighten up one wall, you could always opt for a wall mural, wall art or even wall stickers; the choice really is almost endless.

Thinking of a mural?

We’ve used a wall mural in Isabella’s room to add colour and fun without making the room feel over- done. We kept the other walls grey and went for a bright pink wall, which ties in the general theme of her room. As soon as she set her eyes on a gorgeous pink watercolour with Disney’s Tinkerbell on, she knew this was the mural for her.

However, since decorating, she has changed her bed to a cabin bed and my wonderful dad has actually created a princess castle front for the bed for her birthday. To make this more special, we are going to add some wall stickers around the bed as we’ve had to take down her framed name artwork.

Benjamin’s room has been painted and he too has a mid-sleeper bed now he’s a little bigger so now the furniture is in, we’ve been contemplating putting another mural in his room. We have been so impressed with Isabella’s mural that it seemed like a perfect compromise to add to Benjamin’s without actually having to re-decorate the whole room.

There are so many amazing designs available that you can choose to go for a full on wall of colour and image or something a little more subtle that still gives you a pop of colour but doesn’t make the room feel too small.

So much choice

My favourite designs for Benjamin’s room have to be this amazing Treasure Island Sunset design, the astronaut and planet system or the cretaceous swamp  . When he’s a little older, I think he’d love the tyrannosaurus skeleton but feel it might scare him at 3!

I am such a fan of these wall murals from Wallsause and think they are probably the easiest way to transform a bedroom without taking too much time or money. If you’re looking at smartening up a space or decorating your children’s bedroom, I thoroughly recommend having a look through the huge and eclectic range of murals available.

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  1. Oh wow! I love that. It is so pretty! My girl would love it x

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