Using Wall Art to Make Your Home

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With a lot of us spending more and more time at home, we’ve had plenty of time to consider redecorating the house or revamping tired rooms with a splash of something new. For a really simple, yet effective way of creating a whole new look for your room, you should shop for some amazing wall art. Whatever the room, there is some art out there to brighten your space. We have art in various forms all over the house in every room and love how it makes our house a home.

Where to go?

Choosing wall art can be hard enough but knowing where to look for quality art helps. Over at Fine Art America, they have a fantastic array of wall art to decorate your home in stunning quality art prints, posters, canvas prints and so much more. They have become one of the largest online art marketplaces with over 100,000 artists selling their work here.  From your classic cityscapes and iconic celebrity art prints to new and funky designs, there is something that will brighten up your walls and show off your personality. We have a variety of different wall art across the house. In the hallways we tend to go for canvas prints as they are big and make a statement. We love the colour and depth they can bring.

Bright and Bold

We’ve recently extended the downstairs to create a bright, open kitchen diner and choosing the right artwork to fill it has been so much fun. I think artwork can make you happy every time you look but it can also say a lot about you! It can show your bright and funky personality or hint towards your passions. Whatever you decide to go for, buy it because you love it.

We decided to go big, bright and abstract in the kitchen with lots of colour and vibrancy to bring the kitchen to life. We wanted to add colour into our grey kitchen without plastering colour all over the walls. We love how well it turned out. The children love the framed abstract art prints too as they sit and make up pictures that they can see within the colours every mealtime – a little like we used to do with clouds!



  1. Your article is creative and engaging. I like how you mentioned in the text that there are many different types of wall art out now, such as Stunning Wall Art Trends with examples from various artists on what they think makes great artwork for homes – this was an interesting point because it’s something we hadn’t really thought about before!
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