What is a retractable roof pergola?

I’m sure you know what a traditional pergola is… but do you know what is a retractable roof pergola? I know the name kinda gives it all away but I’ve recently found out about these modern pergolas and I think they are incredible! So, today I’m going to share everything and anything I found out about these innovative retractable roof pergolas.

For some expert input, I’ve partnered up with retractable roof pergola specialists, Designer Shade Solutions. The team at Designer Shade Solutions are behind many of the retractable roof pergolas installed in homes and commercial spaces all across the country. They create bespoke modern pergolas to suit various outdoor spaces, including balconies, terraces, patios and gardens.

What makes these retractable roof pergolas so special? You might be asking. I want you to imagine yourself outdoors… it’s cold, it’s raining. You don’t really want to be outdoors, do you? Well, with a modern pergola you can still enjoy your outdoor space no matter the weather. These retractable roof pergolas have plenty of advantages – let me run you through some of them.

Extend the time spent outdoors

By having a pergola that features a retractable and tilting roof, you can choose when to have cover from the elements. Unlike traditional pergolas that don’t offer complete shelter, modern pergolas offer you the flexibility to enjoy your outdoor space rain or shine.

As Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum asks “Why would I install a traditional pergola in my garden if it’s always raining?”. And the answer is… you wouldn’t. Traditional pergolas are not suited for English homes but modern pergolas are. Modern pergolas are suited for any type of weather – if it’s sunny, you can choose to open the roof to enjoy the sun rays or to tilt the roof slabs for some shade, if it’s raining, you can easily close the roof for some shelter.

Versatile outdoor structures

These bespoke pergolas can be used all around your outdoor space. You can choose to integrate a modern pergola into your property as an extension to your current living space or you can choose to go for a self-supporting modern pergola which can be installed anywhere in your outdoor area.

As Simple Parenting says, “Want to highlight a specific area of your garden? Want to create the perfect outdoor dining space? Want to have a smooth transition from your indoor living to your outdoor living? Want to have a show-stopping centrepiece in your garden? A modern pergola can do it all.”

Fully customisable

“Plus, modern pergolas can be fully customised to your requirements – you can choose to add lighting, heating and even side glass screens to create a fully sheltered oasis.” comments Just Eilidh in a recent blog post. And she’s right! These modern retractable roof pergolas can be fully customised to suit your shade, function and design needs. What else do you need?

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