Why Window Boards Can Make A Real Difference

We are so so close to getting our windows changed (it’s been a long time coming!) and while we are doing it, we’re also going to change our rather tired and dreary window cills. Although some might think this is unnecessary, I would argue that it will complete the room and make a huge difference.

We currently have dark brown windows and window cills (also known as window boards). When we moved in, we didn’t realise how bad the windows were but now we’ve lived here for coming up three years, we are desperate to get them changed. Although adding new window boards to this will mean we spend more in the short term, I think we would hugely regret not doing it. We are going to have brown windows on the outside but white on the inside so we are also opting for white window boards. We are hoping this will brighten the room significantly.

Why bother?

Where the previous owners’ child/grandchild sat at the window and wrote stories or letters, ingrained into the wood is their various stories.

While we could sand them down an re-paint, I feel the transformation that will come from having new window boards will certainly be worth the cost.

Which to choose?

There are several different options we could go for but I personally like the solidity of wood rather than UPVC. MDF boards can now come with moisture resistant HDF so you don’t need to worry about the effects of moisture.

The window boards from Skirting World can be used as traditional window cills but they also offer you the option to have them set as window seats. You can perch on the window board and sip your tea while looking out into the garden.

They also offer up a great bespoke service to ensure your needs are met. If you need any custom items made, you can simply email Skirting World and they will get back to you asap.

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