Why you should invest in artificial grass

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Have you ever thought about swapping your tired, browning grass for Artificial Grass? If you’ve been toying with the idea, or even if you’ve never thought about it before, here are some top reasons why you should!

Artificial Grass

Not only does artificial grass look great all year round, once you have outlaid the initial purchasing costs, there are no maintenance costs which means it’s incredibly cost effective in the long run. Over the years and due to many seasonal changes, you may have to re seed high traffic areas which can be costly but also can make your grass look uneven and unsightly. Artificial grass will stay looking great for years and years regardless of the weather or how much it’s trodden on.

As well as the obvious benefits of not having to pay out for lawnmowers and other equipment needed, you won’t ever have to mow the lawn again, saving you many many-hours on a somewhat tedious job.

Perfect for Play

If you have children or animals, your grass can end up looking like a mud patch rather than a manicured lawn. Having artificial grass means your kids can run, jump, slide and stomp all day long and whether it’s been raining or the sun is out, your grass won’t turn to mud. It’s fantastic to use under climbing frames and swing sets too. Your children can use their play equipment whatever the weather.

Pets can sometimes get over excited and dig up grass. Or their urine may turn your grass brown. With artificial grass, you won’t have this issue. Simple wash away with a bowl of water for clean, green grass!

Increase Curb Appeal

If you don’t have time to spend up keeping your garden all year round, artificial grass can make such a difference. Your garden will always have great curb appeal with very minimal effort. Once you have prepped and laid your grass, it’s complete.

Artificial turf green grass roll with hand

The instillation process is actually rather simple too. You can hire any equipment you might need to get your lawn area flat and prepped and with a couple of people to help lift the roll, you can even fit it yourself. If you aren’t feeling confident enough to install your own, you can get professionals in who can of course install quickly and efficiently.

If this hasn’t convinced you that you need to invest, I’m not sure what will!



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