Canvas Art with Canvas Conquest

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If you’re considering redecorating the house or just want to revamp a tired looking room with a splash of something new, head on over to Canvas Conquest to see some breath-taking multi-panelled canvas art. Multi Panel Wall Art can really add a whole new level of drama to a room. It’s different to your everyday canvas prints and makes for a great taking piece to your room. If you aren’t a fan of the multi panel look, don’t panic as Canvas Conquest also have a range of other wall art too like the Rolling Waves wall art. Whatever the room, there is some art out there to brighten your space.

What to choose?

Choosing wall art can be hard enough but if you go in knowing roughly what you want, you can then browse the fantastic array of wall art before making your final decision. Are you looking for animal prints, dramatic skylines, nature? There really are so many options to choose from.  From your classic cityscapes to new and funky designs, there is something that will brighten up your walls and show off your personality. We have a variety of different wall art across the house. In the hallways we tend to go for canvas prints that make big and bold statements. We love the colour and depth they can bring.

Bright and Bold

We’ve recently extended the downstairs to create a bright, open kitchen diner and choosing the right artwork to fill it has been so much fun. I think artwork can make you happy every time you look but it can also say a lot about you! It can show your bright and funky personality or hint towards your passions. We have gone more abstract in the living room with an abstract beach scene and then for the kitchen we went for bold animal prints on one wall with a big, bright and abstract original paining behind the dining table. We wanted to add colour into our grey kitchen without plastering colour all over the walls. We love how well it turned out.



  1. I am a fan of your article, it’s very creative and original. One thing that I like is how you mention the benefits of painting on canvas with Canvas Conquest in comparison to other types of media such as watercolor paints because usually, people think only oil paintings are worthwhile but there’s so much more creativity available!

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