Do I really need a robot vacuum? Venga! Robotic Vacuum Review

In reality, the answer is probably a no. You could probably do without a robot vacuum however, if you are toying with the idea, and are just wondering whether they are worth the money, I would say yes! Investing in a robot vacuum cleaner isn’t going to change the world but it will stop your floors looking grubby in between deep cleans.

I was sent a Venga! Robotic Vacuum to put through its paces and having lived with it for a few weeks, here’s what I think. Once you’ve found the ideal location to house your Venga! Base, the ‘One Touch’ operation mode makes it incredibly easy to use.

6 cleaning modes

You can choose between automatic, localised cleaning for those particularly dirty areas (we use this function the most in the kitchen), edge cleaning to get all the dust that builds up around the rooms (we tend to do this after a localised clean), room cleaning, mop function and sweeping. You are able to set a cleaning schedule for a certain time each day which I find helps a lot. This is suitable for all floor types and moved from one floor to another seamlessly. The anti-collisions and cliff sensors are good but don’t detect bar stool bases! Our robot tends to get a little stuck on these but does wiggle itself free after a few attempts.

What’s in the box

1 Venga! VG RVC 3000 WH BS,

1 dust collector with HEPA filter,

1 water tank,

4 side brushes,

1 central brush,

2 cleaning cloths,

1 cleaning tool,

1 remote control (incl. batteries),

1 charging station with AC adapter,

1 user manual in 6 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch)

Best Bits

There’s a lot to love about the Venga! robotic vacuum but, I think the best bit for me is the fact I can set this up with a daily program and essentially let it do most of the work for me! Although you do have to empty the vacuum after every cycle, it’s not onerous. It’s even thin enough to get under furniture and vacuum where I wouldn’t usually be able to reach!

Another thing I love is the ease with which is switches from hard floor to carpet. You really can just let it get on with its thing. I have found that it picks up a lot of dust, pet hairs and kids crumbs on a daily basis. I never knew my house was so dusty! It seems to have a really good suction and leaves the floors looking great.

Being easy to put together and get started is another obvious win. No one wants to spend ages trying to sort out new devices. You simply click the brushes on, make sure the filter and tank are secured and charge it up.

Having a remote is great. If you want to get the vacuum out on another spin (aside from the one you program it to do), you can select a function on the remote and leave the vacuum to it. OR, and this is the cool bit. If you have a bit of a specific mess, you can ‘drive’ the vacuum exactly where you want it for a quick and effortless clean!


So this might seem obvious but we got caught out. When leaving the vacuum to its own devices, you need to make sure you pick up any loose cables or laces. They will get caught and tangle. Now we thought we had moved everything, however, it managed to find some cords under the TV unit and got a bit tangles up. It was easy to fix but beware of loose wires before you set your vacuum off.


I was really hopeful about the fact this was a mop and vacuum. My issue is that on our Karndean floor, the mop function just leaves lots of streaks. It might be better on a tiled floor but it didn’t really work as we would have liked on our kitchen floor. Another potential negative would be the fact you have to change to the water tank if you want to mop. This does only take seconds though so shouldn’t be a real issue.


I really love this new addition to our household. The kids have named the vacuum and always want to put him on for an extra clean when they’ve been making a mess in the kitchen! Although the Venga! doesn’t get you out of vacuuming all the time, it certainly helps keep the floors looking dust free for those in-between days. I would certainly recommend the Venga! to anyone looking to invest in a robotic vacuum.



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