Say Goodbye to Summer by Hosting the Ultimate Gazebo Garden Party

Are you the hostess with the mostess?  Let’s end Summer 2018 with a bang! Whether your garden is large or small, this inexpensive pop up Gazebo is the perfect solution to throw an unforgettable soiree.

They come in a range of shapes and sizes, and can be decorated with lights and scatter cushions, so channel your inner feng shui until your heart’s content!

Unfortunately the British weather can be a little unpredictable, but we’re not letting it rain on our parade, no outdoor party would be complete without some form of shelter… just in case!  We don’t want anything dampening the mood as we celebrate the end of the warmer months!  We’ve found the perfect solution here: Garden & Camping Pop Up Gazebos.

Rain or Shine – The Party Goes On…

We’ve had a good run with the British Summer this year so let’s end on a high and celebrate in style as we wave goodbye to sunshine and say hello to doom and gloom.  Read more about the current weather predictions.

As Brits we can check the weather as often as we like, unfortunately we don’t have the power to control God’s plan and magic sunshine whenever we feel like evening out our t-shirt tans.

And if you’re the ‘let’s throw a party the tiniest ray of sun is out’ kind of person (you know what I mean, the ones who wear flip flops to Asda in Winter) then a pop up Gazebo is the perfect way to host a Garden party, just in case your plans take a turn for the worst and the heavens decide to open.  We got you covered!

The Perfect Place to Grab a Drink

If you’re an old fashioned type of guy or prefer a sexy Singapore Sling you want to ensure you have your garden party guests covered, and not just in terms of shelter.

White gazebo in the beautiful summer garden

Transforming your Gazebo into the ultimate shaken not stirred James Bond experience.  Now we just need Daniel Craig to RSVP to your party and we’re good to go!

Whether you’re hosting a ‘all you can drink’ basic beer, wine and spirits party, where Beer Pong takes place in the corner, or you’re taking the more sophisticated approach, splashing  out on garnishes and weird shaped ice cubes, a Gazebo provides the perfect place to host either.

A Party on the Dance Floor

One Gazebo might be enough for all you two-steppers, but if you’re the really dancing queen’s (the kind who like to perform the Dirty Dancing lift) you might want to invest in a few Gazebos set up next to each other.  This is also a much cheaper option than a marquee.

Dancing at a garden party can provide some of the BEST entertainment, so it’s a no brainer to have somewhere to ‘bust a move.’  I mean where else is your dad going to embarrass you in front of all your friends and perform the dreaded ‘sprinkler’ move that he’s been perfecting for years!

Why don’t you dust off his signature move and show him this guide to the ultimate party moves!

Those Who Like to Sit Down at Parties

To be the ideal host you’ll want to try and compensate for everyone – even those people who refuse to participate in any partying activity and like to reside in the corner.

Gazebos can be equipped with seats or cosy bean bags and cushions if you’re inviting people who like to take a disco nap or pass out after one too many ‘special cocktails’.  You can find great garden party decor ideas here.

The Ultimate Garden Restaurant

A few nibbles, buffet, or a feast fit for a king, lots of garden parties offer some form of food and hopefully it’s edible, being having somewhere to put the food is the tricky part.  Nobody wants to be standing trying to cut their food on paper plates whilst balancing their drink under their arm.

If you’re not going to use your Gazebo to house your bar then use it to host your very own Oriental garden restaurant – minus the Kung Pao Chicken!

If you only need a cover for the food a marquee will be too big so a gazebo is a more suitable option to cater to everyone’s table manners.

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