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With the holidays almost within reach, the decorations are going to start coming out (if you haven’t already!) and the house will be transformed into your own winter wonderland but that’s not always the only transformation needed. For many, Christmas and New Year are times for family and friends to all get together and sometimes, they need a place to stay after having a tipple or two. AeroBed has taken all the complication out of finding a suitable place for them to sleep and allows you to turn any room into a guest room in 3 minutes or less!

 The AeroBed really is the perfect solution to the holiday guest dilemma as they are really comfortable as well as being ridiculously easy and convenient to store away when not needed and inflate when required. Now I can promise you that I am not just saying that, we actually used the Aerobed the very night it arrived (it actually saved my sanity and was a real godsend on Wednesday night!)

So, we didn’t have any unexpected visitors turn up but we did have a poorly three-year-old and she had woken up with ear ache and a temperature. She must have got up at least 8-10 times before 10pm and on the final wake, she told us she was too poorly to sleep by herself and wanted to sleep in our bed. This isn’t something we do on a regular basis but I didn’t want her waking up Benjamin by calling out all night long and, if I’m completely honest, I couldn’t bear the thought of having very little sleep. Hubby offered to go and sleep on the sofa but I told him about the delivery I had earlier and rushed back downstairs to get it.

 I opened it up and without even reading the instructions, pulled the bed out of the box and connected the pump to a plug. As soon as I had twisted the pump into the AeroBed, it started to inflate and was fully inflated within minutes. The pump is actually relatively quiet too, which in this situation was an added bonus. I loved the fact that when it was fully inflated and I disconnected the pump, none of the air escaped as I attached the cap – usually, there would be a mad fuss trying to ensure as little of the air escaped as possible while desperately trying to plug the air hole. It’s a very clever design and makes the process effortless. On this occasion, we didn’t use a sheet but a normal single fitted sheet fits over the mattress to add to the comfort factor. We pushed it up against our wardrobes and Isabella climbed straight in and to my relief, she slept all night long!

After a full night sleep with no waking up!! We got up and started the day. The AeroBed was ridiculously quick to deflate because they have a Whoosh® valve which lets the air out effectively and very quickly. It also means that as you roll the bed up, you can keep the Whoosh® valve open to push out any remaining air meaning the AeroBed rolls up as compactly as possible. This is usually a chore I would leave until I really had to deflate it, but now, I really don’t need to. We had the bedroom back to normal before the school run even started.

I was so impressed with this system that we are actually going to invest in the matching double mattress just in time for Christmas so that we can have family and friends stay over the festive period. I will put the double mattress in the lounge once everyone else is in bed and use the study for the single mattress to ensure both parents and children have a good night sleep.

Isabella has also asked if she can have the AeroBed in her bedroom next to her bed when her friends have a sleepover. As it’s a normal bed height, it would be able to push right up to her bed and they would be the same height meaning the girls would have a whale of a time sleeping ‘in the same bed’. I’m not sure how much sleep anyone will get but for a first girls sleepover, I’m guessing not a lot regardless!

So, if you are looking for a bedding solution to the chaos Christmas brings, fear no more and change your rooms into AeroBed rooms!

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