SodaStream Spirit

If you love your fizzy water but you are trying to reduce your plastic waste, have you considered getting yourself a Soda Stream Spirit? I always wanted a SodaStream as a child but we never got one so when I was offered the chance to review one, I couldn’t pass it up.

What’s in the box?

The day the SodaStream Spirit arrived, I got it straight out the box and set it up. It’s so easy to assemble; you just slip the canister in and fill your bottle with water to the fill line. You can choose how fizzy you want your water to be and in 5 second increments, you carbonate your water by pressing the button on the top of the SodaStream.

In your SodaStream Spirit box, you’ll receive a SodaStream, Carbon canister and one large SodaStream bottle.

The slim line design and the modern look will mean that it should suit most kitchens. We were given the black Spirit One Touch and it looks great with our new kitchen. It fits perfectly in the corner of our worktop.

So efficient

The whole process is so quick and easy that even the children can do it. They really enjoy drinking fizzy water and I’m happy to give them fizzy water over fizzy canned drinks. We tend to fizz our bottles of water for three lots of 5 seconds and that seems to work well for us. Because you are in control of the fizz, there is a chance that you could over carbonate your bottle which would lead to an over spill when you release your bottle.

Although it only comes with one large bottle, we also have a smaller bottle so tend to use the smaller bottle for taking out and about to cut down on our plastic waste and keep the larger bottle in the fridge for a refreshing drink as and when we need it.

Lasting results

I was impressed with how well the bottle retained its fizz too. We tested the water over a period of four days and I don’t think it lost much fizz at all through those days. To be honest, we’d never really get the chance to leave the water that long usually as it gets drunk too quickly but for the purpose of the review, I wanted to see how long the fizz would last.

We haven’t added any additional flavours to our water as we really enjoy the taste as it is but there are a variety of flavours you can add if you wish. Just be sure to add the flavour after you have fizzed your water or you will end up with a sticky mess explosion when you release your bottle.

Top results

Our SodaStream Spirit has gone down so well in my house that my mum has put it down on her Christmas list! She even takes a bottle home with her every time she visits!

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