The Fine Bedding Company Night Owl 3-in-1 Sleeping Bag Review


It’s always handy to have a couple of sleeping bags in the house for impromptu sleepovers for the children or even for planned visits or camping. But have you ever some across a 3-in-1 sleeping bag before? We were sent exactly this from The Fine Bedding Company to try out. I am honestly so impressed with the overall design and the quality that I can’t wait to share it with you.


Small, lightweight and easy to put back inside the bag!

If you’re a seasoned camper, you might have plenty of sleeping bags and not really see the need for versatility. However, for me, I absolutely love the fact that I can have just one product in my cupboard and I can use it as either a double sleeping bag or as two single sleeping bags. My two have actually also been using them as snuggly blankets for cosying up on the sofa with to watch a film on these colder nights. For me, this space-saving option is a real bonus because we don’t often have the need for sleeping bags but it’s great for when we do.


This super smart designed 3-in-1 sleeping bag is so soft and warm. It’s made from plush polyester and has a tog rating of 7. This really does keep you so warm. The colour is beautiful and although it looks like the fabric might be course, that is just the printed design. The sleeping bag is lovely and soft without that typical sleeping bag feel and uses 100% Smartfil Polyester from recycled PET bottles. It is able to be washed in the washing machine at home which again is a real bonus for me and it also had a fast dry time.

Putting it to the test

The weekend this arrived, we were lucky enough to be spending time with some amazing friends. We were having a big sleepover with all the children and so we made up the two single sleeping bags and popped them inside the tepee tents ready for the kids to settle down in after a night of partying.

The children loved how warm and cosy they were through the night. They often complain about being a little chilly in the middle of the night if they have a sleeping bag and they like to use an extra fleece blanket for warmth. They didn’t need to with this sleeping bag. They even stayed snuggled up in the morning and opened the zips to create two blankets to share with their friends.

The zips are easy to use and sturdy. They don’t snag on the material and move really easily. This is a must for me as the whole concept of being able to turn this from a double to two singles means you are going to have to use the zips a lot. If they were sticky or not sturdy, it would make the whole system feel like a hassle.

As a double duvet, it is plenty big enough too. I was a little worried that I’d feel a bit like a sardine in a can but I’m happy to report that I had more than enough room to move about in. Again, just like the children, I found this really warm and cosy and super super soft. The design and overall look of this is so good that it wouldn’t look out of place being used as a duvet on a spare bed!


We absolutely love the Night Owl 3-in-1 sleeping bag. We haven’t found a single fault and think it’s a perfect buy for all. Whether you’re campers or you just want something for sleepovers, the versatility and quality of this sleeping bag mean it would be a great purchase.

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