Upgrading the Kitchen Appliances: 3 Tips to Do It Right

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Whether you are planning a kitchen renovation or just moving into a new home that needs a kitchen upgrade, it is essential to pay special heed to the appliances, because at the end of the day, they are going to be the most useful items in your kitchen for day-to-day use. To avoid making any of the common mistakes made while choosing kitchen appliances during a renovation or even a simple upgrade, here are a few tips that should be kept in mind.

Do You Really Need to Replace It?

You could get many years out of a good kitchen appliance, and even though the sales people will try to convince you about the need to upgrade, you should always consider whether or not you really need to replace that dishwasher or microwave.  A repair service can cost a lot less than the cost of replacing the appliance altogether. If the kitchen has an Electrolux appliance, for example, you can find out more about Electrolux repairs here because Service Force is the authorised repair partner of Electrolux in the UK. It is a general rule of thumb that as long as you get your appliance looked at by manufacturer authorised service providers, they will be able to give you the best opinion on whether you need to replace the particular equipment right now, or if it can serve you for at least a few more years. Given that good quality kitchen appliances are not cheap, this can save you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds as you renovate the kitchen.

Free-Standing is the Way to Go

If an upgrade is indeed necessary, try to buy products that are free-standing, rather than built-in. This is not to say that a built-in oven or a dishwasher doesn’t have its place, because they maximise space and look quite futuristic and aesthetically cool, but unless you really have your mind set on them, consider the following advantages of going with a free-standing dishwasher or oven in the kitchen:

  • They are a lot easier to clean and repair
  • If you change your home, you will be able to transport it to the new house
  • Replacing them (should it be necessary) is going to be a lot easier as well

Make a List of What You Need from Each Appliance

Manufacturers usually have products in every range and your job is to find something that adequately meets your needs, rather than just going with what the sales person recommends. Make a list of every feature you want your new appliance to have and find a product that meets those standards first. Now, depending on the model, it is likely that you may find something that has every feature you want, in addition to a lot of others. This is the point where you are supposed to decide whether the extra features are worth the extra cost, or if you can settle for something that isn’t as fancy, but does the job quite well. For example, prioritising more fridge space over buying a smart fridge is, in most cases, a great decision!

Kitchen appliances are more about functionality than they are about looks, which is a good point to remember while renovating the kitchen. If something looks really out of place, but you don’t really want to change the old appliance because it’s currently working well, it is better to think about redecorating it or even hiding it cleverly, rather than wasting money on buying a new model. If it is indeed time to buy a new product though, it couldn’t hurt to choose something that goes in with the décor of course.


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