5 Ways To Do Christmas On A Budget

*Collaborative Post* Christmas is a time for family, being with your loved ones is the most important thing. But there’s all that other good stuff like delicious food and gifts as well, and that stuff costs money. The amount of money people spend on Christmas is out of control. Some parents end up spending thousands on presents for the kids and that’s before they’ve sorted everything else out. A lot of people even end up borrowing on credit cards and {Read More}

Ideas for a homestay Insta-party

The festive season is approaching and party time will soon be upon us. Insta-party is one of the latest trends, and if you’ve not heard about it yet, you soon will. Essentially, it is a home party that teens aged 11-17 can arrange by themselves, and it works best with a group of 3-7 close friends. The idea is that the birthday boy or girl and each guest get a set of photos to post on Instagram. This is a {Read More}

“A bit hyper?” Exploding some myths about ADHD

The speed with which children comprehend the world around them is amazing. Often, they don’t seem to have the time to stop, sleep, or take even a few minutes out. The miracle is that they have such boundless energy and, by and large, manage to remain cheerful all day long. It is natural and it is normal for kids to learn about the world through trial and error, and to test the boundaries they are set. However, by the end {Read More}

Part-time slacker

After the birth of my daughter, I decided I wanted to spend as much time as possible with her at home instead of sending her off to be looked after by other people (after all, surely the reason we have children to begin with is to spend time with them and bring them up, right?). Well, we couldn’t afford for me to stay at home altogether and actually, I also missed working a little, so deciding to go back to {Read More}

Mother & Daughter Time Made Better!

Mother and daughter time is so precious. You should take every opportunity you get to spend more time with them, and to make the most of every minute of it. As they get older, you’ll soon realise that their priorities change, and if the hormones hit them hard, you’ll be lucky to get a few hours a week with them! But a lot of you will have many years to come before that happens, so we’re here to show you {Read More}

Why Spelling Tests Are Ineffective (for most!)

As an English teacher myself, you’d think that I would love spelling tests along with any other literacy based homework. But I don’t. I hate spelling tests. I find spelling tests are ineffective and here’s why. For a week, each evening after school we sit and go over the spellings in Isabella’s little red book. I always start by asking her to just try her best so I can see where she’s at before we begin. Inevitably, at just 6-years-old, {Read More}

Healthy Ways to feed Your Horse

    There is more than one way to feed your horse, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stack it with hay everyday.  It is important to keep your horse at their best working weight, and if you have trained your horse well, they should be able to maintain a steady weight on their own. Just like the constant nagging I get from my personal trainer to eat the right kinds of food and preserve a healthy lifestyle balance.  {Read More}

A Sport to Drive Your Fitness

Some may argue that golf is not a sport it is a way of life.  It is certainly a lifestyle choice, and one that will be sure to help improve your fitness levels.  It offers a great alternative to slaving away in the gym, as most people find exercise a real pain in the putt. According to fitness experts, taking up a sport will provide you with better health benefits over a long period of time.  By contributing to your {Read More}

Guest Post From Hubby: The reason I chose to get a vasectomy at 35

I suppose I was very lucky in some people’s eyes to have the option of getting a vasectomy at a relatively early age. My wife and I had have been blessed with two health kids; a girl and then a boy a few years later. So, once we’d got through the sleepless nights stage with our youngest (and let’s just say that took longer than we ever imagined), the conversations started about whether we wanted another child or not. We {Read More}

Top tips for growing your child’s confidence

Every parent wants their child to be happy and healthy, both during their childhood and into adult life. Confidence in children may not seem like a big deal for some, but the more confident your child is, the more likely they are to try new things, take on challenges, and have a successful career later in life. Take a look at these five ways you can help to grow your child’s confidence. View mistakes as crucial for learning Everybody makes {Read More}