IMO Q2 Pro Review

My daughter has been on at me non-stop for a phone for the past year giving me all the old lines of ‘but ALLLLLL my friends have one’ and ‘I can use it to stay safe when you’re not here’. But we’ve really had no need to buy her one as she’s only 9 – she’s a summer born baby so the youngest in her year. She will be moving up to year 6 in September and when most of {Read More}

How to Help Your Kid Develop Creativity and Writing Skills

*Collaborative Post* How to Help Your Kid Develop Creativity and Writing Skills Obtaining excellent writing skills is an important part of any learning process. The same rule applies to creativity along with an ability to find and use the needed information. However, many kids face serious difficulties with gaining these skills during their studies. The good news is that parents can help their kids improve their writing skills and become more creative. But how can you cope with this difficult {Read More}

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time: Wycombe Swan Review

  With an exceptional aptitude for maths, Christopher Boone has an incredible talent but with this talent, Christopher also has to endure some incredible barriers to everyday life. These barriers and struggles are something that perhaps you and I wouldn’t have thought too much about; Christopher changes all that though in this breath-taking performance. Based on Mark Hasson’s hit novel, Simon Stephens’ has carefully and cleverly adapted the story of 15-year-old Christopher’s (Connor Curren) adventure and his trials and tribulations {Read More}

What Is the ‘Mummy Makeover’ and What Does It Include?

*collaborative post* Pregnancy and childbirth can change the body in many ways, and although these changes can diminish over time as the body heals or through a healthy lifestyle and exercise, sometimes the body doesn’t return to exactly how it was before. This can cause self-esteem issues for many women, especially if they have experienced significant changes including sagging skin and weight gain.  Since many women would like to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies, this has led to the rising popularity {Read More}

Why Does Your Mind Matter When You’re Dieting?

*Collaborative Post* When people diet, they often focus on the physical side of things. A lean and healthy body is what people often strive for. However, the obsessions can be so overpowering that people neglect other aspects of their well-being. There can be a lot at stake here when it comes to your mental and emotional well-being too. If things get out of proportion, you may surely become thinner, but it will come at great personal cost to your general {Read More}

How to increase garden privacy

You want to have more privacy in your garden, I get it. You want to enjoy your garden space and want your little ones to roam around free without worrying about prying eyes looking at what you are doing (or not doing!). Sometimes you just want to have some privacy, and you should be able to! After all, your back garden is part of your home so here are some ideas of how you can increase your garden privacy. So, {Read More}

The Fine Bedding Company Night Owl 3-in-1 Sleeping Bag Review

  It’s always handy to have a couple of sleeping bags in the house for impromptu sleepovers for the children or even for planned visits or camping. But have you ever some across a 3-in-1 sleeping bag before? We were sent exactly this from The Fine Bedding Company to try out. I am honestly so impressed with the overall design and the quality that I can’t wait to share it with you.   Small, lightweight and easy to put back {Read More}

MessyWeekend Sunglasses

Are you looking for beautiful designer sunglasses without the hefty price tag? Well now you can with Scandinavian minimalist eyewear that is also eco-friendly and backed by MessyWeekend’s commitment to design and quality. MessyWeekend have a wide range of beautiful designer sunglasses (and snow goggles) to cover every look imaginable. From chunky frames to a more aviator style, you can find them here at a great price with the added bonus of helping to clean our oceans. My absolute favourites {Read More}

Have you ever considered a home allergy test?

Ad If you have ever suffered with allergies, you will know how debilitating they can be; it can affect your daily life, work performance, social experiences and even impact your sleep. Some allergies are even life-threatening. Allergies actually affect more people than you would potentially realise – roughly 1 in 4 adults, 1 in 6 teens and 1 in 1 children. When you look at it like that, it seems a lot doesn’t it. But what’s worse is that almost {Read More}

Looking To Help Young People In Your Local Community? Here Are A Few Ways You Can Give Back

*collaborative post* As things start to get back to normal and we start to see a future in which we’re not quite as tied to being shut indoors as we have been over the last few months, a lot of us are thinking about how we can start to get back out there and help out those who have been having a harder time than we have. The last twelve months have been challenging in an unprecedented way for families, {Read More}