Making time for Mummy

making time for mummyI love my children with all I have and most of the things I do are for them or with them in mind. I can’t count the times I’ve gone to buy a new top or something for me but come away with something for the children, the times I’ve turned invitations down for events, gatherings, parties and other things I’d enjoy because it didn’t fit around the children. For two separate years (one for each child) I’ve given them my body (and what felt like my freedom) as I breastfed on demand as well as everything else but this weekend I carved out some well needed me time for a very special reason.


I am not the sort of person who demands a ‘day off’ just because I’m tired, that’s just par for the course when you become a parent; however, having an amazing spa weekend away for one of my besties hen parties has made me remember the importance of making time for me too. Whether that be an hour in the bath with a book, valuable time to do my blogging (which I love), going on a date night with hubby, having a girls dinner or just being able to do my hair and nails, finding that me time is so important as it helps me remember I am not just Mummy.


I am me.


I am also a wife, I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a teacher.


I am 30 (and still more than a little silly).


I love reading and watching films; I miss not going to the cinema.


I am messy.


I want to learn a new language.


I always try to push myself (except this doesn’t work at the gym?!)


I’ve never been great at doing my make-up.


I love giggling with the girls but I also love adventure.


My family are my world. (See, even when I try to talk about me aside from being a mum, I can’t!).


This is me.


Finding time every so often to remind myself of who I am is important and I won’t feel guilty about it. I am happy with who I am, I just sometimes get so wrapped up with being Mummy that I forget who I am.


This weekend has reminded me it’s good to be me. It’s healthy to be me and not to feel bad about it. So, putting my laptop down, I’m going to get my book and a cuppa and go and find a little bit more of me.

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  1. It’s nice to make time for yourself although it sounds like you rarely get any which I can sympathise with having 3 mini people myself.

  2. We have a lot of things in common. I love being a mum but also miss going to the cinema and meeting friends in the evening! 🙂

  3. Well said, it is so easy to forget there is still the same person inside when we have kids, sometimes we need to let our hair down.

  4. So important to make some you time we all need to relax and concentrate on ourselves every so often

  5. After a tough month I totally hit a wall today and then very poignantly came across a quote on Facebook – “make sure you are not lost trying to hold everything together”. So with my babies sound asleep, I had a cup of tea and did my nails! And just that tiny little thing has made me feel a little bit like me ?

    • Sorry to hear you ‘hit a wall’ today, it can be really tough when you’re in the moment but I’m so pleased you managed to take some time out for a cuppa and to do you nails! Makes you feel a little more human again doesn’t it! I hope you wangle a few more ‘moments for mummy’!! x


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