Ordinary Moments – snuggles

This week’s ordinary moments have to be snuggles. I LOVE them. I’ve picked snuggles this week because we’ve had a lot of them; family snuggles as well as ‘sneaky’ snuggles when no one else is looking and snuggles to make you feel better. 

Isabella has definitely regressed slightly since Benjamin was born and wants to be held like a baby and cared for like a baby. She even asks for her pyjamas to have ‘gloves’ like bemjamin’s sleepsuits. While this may seem irritating at times, I totally understand and am indulging her requests as she’s had a lot of change recently. I know she will grow out of it soon enough and to be honest, I’m loving the extra snuggles I get from the usually very independent person she is. 

Snuggles… There’s nothing better 🙂 




  1. Having another sweet baby is a little challenging while helping 1st born adjust to the change but snuggles are so important. Best wishes

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos and I agree, there is definitely nothing better than snuggles. Without a doubt they are my favourite thing being a parent! x

  3. Oh snuggles are the best – we love snuggles too #ordinarymoments

  4. There is nothing better than a snuggle. Enjoy your snuggle times… #love ,#cuddle and #snuggle

  5. Such beautiful photos, and you’re right snuggles are the best! The photo of all four of you is so special 🙂 xx

  6. There is nothing that beats a good snuggle! These are lovely photos x

  7. Such beautiful pictures. Cuddles are the best medicine all round. Best part! What’s the age gap? Love how she’s looking over baby so caring! X

  8. Oh snuggles are definitely one of the best bits about parenting! And that is such a beautiful photo of all four of you!

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