Setting Up the Perfect Study Space for Your Child

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Setting up the perfect study space for your child can help to make homework more fun, improve concentration levels and motivate your child to learn.

An independent boys school in Surrey have put together the following tips to help parents create a comfortable and practical study space at home…

Find the right space

It is important that your child can work and relax in different places. For example, it is best for your child to do homework up at a table, rather than on the sofa. This reinforces the different activities that are done between the two areas and will make it easier for your child to concentrate.

The best area to set up a study space is in a spare room, however not everyone has this extra space at home. Whether you are setting up a desk in your living room or in your child’s bedroom, you will need to ensure that distractions are kept to a minimum by the rest of the family.

Clean & tidy

An untidy workspace can make your child feel uncomfortable and distracted when trying to complete their homework. Try to ensure the area where they will be studying is clean and comfortable so that they feel motivated to learn. You could also add some storage boxes or folders to their desk to help keep everything organised.

Add the right lighting

As well as brightening up the room, natural light has also been proven to keep your brain alert and aid productivity. Try to set up your child’s study area as close to a window as possible and plan their study time when they will benefit most from the daylight. For the darker months you will need to ensure that you have installed adequate lighting over their desk.

Help them set up

Preparation is key when it comes to sticking to study. Make sure your child has everything they need to hand. This will enable them to give their full attention to the work in front of them. Try to ensure that they have all the equipment, stationary and books they need and lay out a selection of refreshments so they have no excuses!

Set fair rules

Finally, it is important to set some study rules, so that your child is fully committed to completing their work or revising for exams. The most important rule of all should be no mobile phones allowed! Of course they may need a computer or tablet to access certain information, but this should only be used for educational purposes and not to play games. It is also important that you encourage your child to take regular breaks.

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