Taking care of your smile

Ever since my first filling at 11-years-old, I have had a real thing about teeth. I absolutely hated the whole experience of having a filling and it really made me conscious about how important taking care of your smile and your teeth really is. This is something I am trying to instil in my own children too as I want them to have a good experience with the dentists and know how to keep their smiles at their best (although you wouldn’t know this looking at Benjamin!).

Although I don’t have terrible teeth now, they still aren’t perfect and part of me wants to get them fixed. As a child I had various different, very hideous looking and uncomfortable braces. I had some retainers to bring my jaw forwards, orthodontic headgear which came out of my mouth and then fixed ‘train tracks’ before using another retainer to keep the teeth in line. Looking at brace options now, I wish things like invisible braces were around then! They look so much more comfortable as well as the more obvious benefits of them being invisible.

So why am I looking at invisible braces?

As I grow, I feel like my lower jaw is slowly collapsing inwards. My teeth don’t have the perfect look to them any more and they are becoming more and more crooked as the years progress. I would love to use something like the invisible braces to straighten those bottom teeth out again. Personally, I feel like I have a large toothy smile so any time I have pictures taken, I am very aware of my teeth. Having a treatment like this would help me to feel less self-conscious about my smile.


Another treatment I’d look at doing again would be tooth whitening. If I got my bottom teeth lovely and straight, I’d also love to whiten them a little bit. I did this just before my wedding by using an at home kit and I had lots of compliments about them. I definitely didn’t have that ‘Hollywood’ look but they were noticeably brighter and less stained. The only issue I had was that I ended up with tooth sensitivity so couldn’t keep the treatment up for too long. Now, there are treatments which claim virtually no sensitivity like Nu Radiance. I’d certainly love to try both the in-surgery and take home option to get the best from my smile.

Kids Smiles

I am well aware of the chances of both my children needing some sort of orthodontic dentistry in the future but for my youngest, there’s also a possibility that he might need some cosmetic dentistry. Last summer he fell over in the garden and knocked his front tooth out. Being just 4, he’s got a few years of a rather gappy smile ahead of him before we know if he’s actually damaged his adult tooth.

Looking back on the experience, he was actually quite lucky. Obviously this being his milk tooth is a bonus as we are hoping his adult tooth will just come through normally. Also, because the whole tooth, including the root, came out in one hit, he didn’t need any extraction or painful dentist work. He was so brave about the whole thing, even if I nearly passed out! Like I mentioned before, teeth have become a real thing for me so having to pick his tooth up off the slide really turned my stomach. This minor setback hasn’t dampened his spirit though and he hasn’t become any less clumsy either. So we’re just waiting to see how his adult teeth grow in a few years’ time now.

Would you consider cosmetic dentistry? If you could, what would you have done?

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