The ordinary moments – potty fun!

This week’s ordinary moments have to be dedicated to potty training; it’s something everyone has to do at some point but no one really wants to do because of … Well all the accidents!

We are on day 5 of potty training today and I have to say how hugely proud of my little girl I am. She’s been through a lot of changes of late including starting big girl school 3 weeks ago (which I certainly think has something to do with wanting to potty train!) having a new brother turn her world upside down (in the best possible way) and getting used to new routines etc but has done amazingly well so far; she even woke me last night because she needed to use the potty and not wee in her pull-ups.

Day one was a day of accidents and lots of new knickers but I have to say Isabella has really embraced this new chapter and 5 days on is only having the odd accident when she’s so engrossed in other things.

My little baby girl isn’t so little anymore!! I’m so rediculously proud but also a little sad that she’s growing up so quickly. I’d just like time to pause a little so I can cherish them a little longer, hold them a little closer and love them forever.



  1. I remember this stage with my girls, was quite fortunate that they took to it pretty quickly, I do wonder how the journey will go with my little boy though! lol x

    • I know- I’ve heard boys are worse?! I’ve got a couple of years before I have to worry about that one! Best of luck! 🙂 x

  2. It’s so wonderful that your potty training journey is going well so far! xx

  3. Oh well done Isabella! I’ve only done girls so far too – but too have a few years before it’s Pip’s turn!

  4. Potty training sure is fun isn’t it?! 😉 It’ll be done before you know it. We’ll be starting with Little Man in a few months and I am dreading it as it was a breeze with LP but everyone tells you how much harder it is with boys! x

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