The ordinary moments

This weeks ordinary moments consist of firsts and things I thought were over…

We’ve pottered around the house and had a busy weekend out too at a wedding and then with friends today. 

Around the house Benjamin has found himself in the mirror and smiles at himself A LOT – he can amuse himself for a long time just looking in the mirror, it’s beyond cute. 

 Having had a busy weekend, Isabella has totally worn herself out and for the first time in a long time fell celexa online cheap asleep in the car. I was talking to a friend today about how, for 6 months, I would take Isabella on a drive just to get her to nap; but that all stopped and I had to admit defeat, no more napping- until today! 


   I love making memories with my family, the ordinary things are sometimes the ones I cherish the most so remembering them when they happen again out of the blue makes me really happy and thankful for my gorgeous family. 


  1. Aw this bought back memories of my little girls enjoying their activity mats- it actually made me feel a bit emotional, I can still remember the theme tune of them! They loved it. x

  2. Kelly-Marie says:

    Oh My Gosh! Why did click on your blog, your gorgeous bubba making me want another one!!
    Totally agree with you, making memories is the best!

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