Things are Changing

Things are changing for us. As a family, I feel like we have been living in a relatively steady pattern for the past few years. We seemed to have found a good routine that worked for both adults and children and life was plodding along nicely.

Having just had a little over 2 weeks off with the whole family though, I noticed that things have shifted slightly. It’s become more apparent that I no longer have babies – ok, so I should have realised this a long time ago as they are 7 and 4 but sitting back and taking stock, it really hit me how much they have grown up.


Isabella is in year 3 and is so fiercely independent most of the time. She is becoming more and more helpful and self-aware. Although she can still have a good sulk or cry, she’s definitely maturing and developing into a confident and strong young lady. As much as I feel like I don’t want her to grow up, I know it is a really positive step she’s taking and so I decided to change her room a little bit to make it feel more grown up to.

We have created a work and play station for her on one side of her room. There’s a wall hung desk which I found on Amazon and love! And then there’s plenty of storage for her toys and games with the added bonus of a large surface area to display all her Lego.

Isabella has also really got into her music and having her Jooki music speaker in her room means she can happily dance, sing, play with background music on and not have to keep asking if she’s allowed to take our smart speaker upstairs.

Another small change but one which I’m not sure how I feel about is the fact she doesn’t want to read aloud to me anymore. Although she still loves reading, she’d much rather sit beside me or on her own and just read to herself. I totally understand this from a book lover’s perspective but as a parent, I just wasn’t expecting her to not need me anymore.


As for Benjamin, well he started school in September and he’s made so much progress and is developing into a really confident little chap. I remember the days (well it was actually 6 weeks) of dropping him off to nursery and he would cling to me and scream not wanting me to leave. Now though, he will often run in to school and unless I manage to grab a quick hug and kiss before he’s through the gate, he doesn’t even look back. Again, I know this is so positive for him but I am sometimes left at the gate feeling a little bereft!

He too is no longer my baby. Although he definitely needs me still more than Isabella, he is certainly fighting to grow up too quickly for my liking. He too wants to read his homework books in his head, just like his sister can, but doesn’t quite have the ability to yet. This causes meltdowns from him as he so desperately wants to do it but I think we found a solution. Once he has read aloud to me, he can either read again in his head or choose another book to read independently.

Sport is his life. I can already see how weekends and holidays will be spent with a football and friends over a kick in the park with us. He goes to two different football clubs and loves every second. He is the polar opposite to Isabella who would much rather be indoors. If he could, I’m sure he’d want to be outside all day.

Extra Time

Don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely to see them both growing up and developing … you can almost see what they will be like as teenagers! I am also loving the snatches of time I can now have for myself. Ed and I can do more together and we are all able to enjoy our own space but I do also find this transition a little weird. After 7 and a half years, I’m beginning to get back some of my own time and I almost don’t know what to do with it. I know we will all adapt to this new ‘normal’ and life will continue into new phases too.

It just hit me how without realising, things had changed so much. I guess we are all so busy that life just moves but this time off together has made me appreciate how sometimes we need to just look at what we have and make those memories. Those everyday things we take for granted won’t always be there and you just don’t know when the last hand hold or Eskimo kiss will be.

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