We made it to the New Year!

So, we’ve finally made it to the New Year! Last term felt like a really long term and we were all desperately ready for the break but we’ve also made some really positive steps since September. So here’s a catch up before they go back to school tomorrow!


Isabella has done really well at school, especially with her reading. She is starting to enjoy the stories a little more now they have a little more to them. But more than this, she’s actively choosing books to read at bedtime by herself too. Her confidence is going from strength to strength.

She seems to really enjoy what she’s doing at school (although she tends not t be able to remember half of it when we ask!) and we never have any issues getting her to go to school. For me, this is probably more important than any of the actual academic side of things at the moment. I want Isabella to love school, her friends and her teachers so that it fosters a love of learning in later years.

Being the youngest in the year, I have started to see a difference in terms of maturity with some of the older children though. Isabella is still a very young 5 year old and she will sometimes be a lot more immature than her class-friends. I’m hoping that as she grows up, this will be less and less obvious; we sometimes struggle with how tired she gets with school too.

Although tired and ready for the end of term, Isabella was so excited for the Christmas Play – a Midwife Crisis! She had learned all the songs, actions and most of the narrators’ lines too! She had a fantastic time performing and looked like butter wouldn’t melt!


Benjamin has probably made the most progress this term though. He moved from a childminder setting to going to a nursery. The introduction days went well and I thought I was out of the woods in terms of him settling in really well. However, on the morning of his first official day, he screamed and cried and clung to me for dear life. It was awful; it broke my heart to leave him there. I knew once he was there he enjoyed himself and it would be best for him in the long run, but that never helps in the moment, does it!

Well, it took a good 6 weeks of him crying at morning drop offs and begging me not to leave but one day he literally just skipped in and has been so happy with nursery ever since. We don’t have any issues with drop offs and he is so happy and content when there. He’s making new friends and now he’s settled, has made notable progress with his speech and confidence. He loves cutting out anything and has even started learning French. We are 100% sure we made the right decision.


I’ve also make a change to my working hours. I was working three days a week last year but found it was just too stressful trying to race home and get Isabella’s school reading done before it was bath time. I always finished late on a Wednesday and Isabella was constantly making me feel guilty for going to work.

Well after a few long conversations with my husband, we decided to reduce my hours further. I now only work a full day on Monday (as my mum looks after the children) and half days on Tuesday and Wednesday. This just means that I have the time to actually do 4 out of 5 school pick-ups and also I don’t feel rushed or pressure when it comes to helping Isabella with her homework or reading.

Making this change, although it is a little more difficult to fit in all my school work during my shortened hours, had made a huge difference to my happiness and stress levels. I feel like I am around more for the children and Isabella hasn’t been upset as I’ve been at the majority of her school pick-ups.

So with the second term just round the corner, do you have any New Years plans?

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