6 places we never clean – but probably should!

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If like me, keeping the home fresh, tidy and germ free helps you to sleep at night, then you’ll be no stranger to mops, sponges, buckets and bleach. There’s just great satisfaction from knowing that the house is spotless and if anyone should pop over unexpectedly, then you won’t feel embarrassed! But whether you like to scrub the hob religiously every Tuesday or whether you quickly run the vacuum around on a Sunday before your mum pops over, there are some places that everyone always forgets to clean!

Unsure of where I mean? Read on for the top 6 places we never clean – but probably should!

Your skirting boards

The what? I hear you ask. Don’t worry, we’re probably all guilty of this. Whether you have torus skirting from skirtingsrus.co.uk or just regular skirting around the rooms of your home, then you might be shocked to learn that these little ledges act like shelves for dust, dead skin cells and grime. Try to incorporate a quick dust and wipe down of your skirting boards as often as you vacuum. Otherwise you’ll end up crawling around the room with a bucket of bleach and a scrubbing brush.

Under your bed

But the vacuum doesn’t reach right? Well, if you’re suffering from a nasty cough or already have respiratory problems then getting under your bed, clearing the clutter and vacuuming away all the dust and dead skin cells will make the air you breathe whilst you’re resting, much fresher and better for you.

Your throw cushions

Sure, they look great and add colour and texture to your rooms. But when was the last time you cleaned them? Pillows and sofa cushions either get replaced or cleaned regularly, but we usually neglect those throw cushions, making them a breeding ground for germs and bacteria to thrive. Make sure you wash them frequently to keep them looking and smelling fresh.

The remote control

The remote control probably has more dirt and bacteria than a toilet seat. Just think of all those dirty, sticky and germy hands that touch it throughout the day. If you eat while watching TV, then touch the remote afterwards you’re transferring germs to and from you mouth! Give it a wipe down with an antibacterial spray or wipe at least once a week.

Picture frames & mirrors

There’s nothing better than framing your favourite family moments and having them displayed throughout the house. But when was the last time you gave those frames a good clean? Picture frames and mirrors are common places that dust and grime accumulates so get into the habit of dusting them and adding them to your cleaning routine.

House plants

Dusting a plant might seem a little odd. But house plants catch and accumulate as much dust as any shelf in your home does. Leaving them to get dirty and grimy looks horrible and isn’t good for them either. You can rinse off your plant in the shower or even blast the dust off by turning on the hairdryer. They’ll look great again in no time.



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