Did you know its National Car Safety week?


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According to the UK Department of Transport, 60 to 80% of all car seats are used incorrectly, with harness tension being the most common problem. This is a particular issue in winter as it is hard to tell whether you have a good harness fit if your child is wearing a thick coat or snow suit.


For a car seat harness to work properly, the straps need to be tightly strapped against your child’s chest. When a child wears a snowsuit or thick coat, the straps are usually adjusted to the thickness of the coat, not the chest. If the car was in an accident, the coat could compress, making the straps too loose and reducing the level of protection for the child.


So how do you know if the harness tension is correct or if a coat is too bulky for in-car use?


Do the Two Finger Test:
Put the coat on your child.
Strap your child into the car seat and tighten to ensure a snug fit.
Remove your child from the car seat – without loosening the straps.
Take the coat off your child.
Strap your child back into the seat – but don’t adjust the straps.
Do the Two finger test. If you can fit more than two fingers underneath the harness at your child’s shoulder bone, the harness tension needs to be tightened or avoid using the coat in the car seat.


If you do choose to strap your little one in their car seat wearing a coat, you must ensure to pull the straps very tight. However this will have an impact on their comfort and freedom of movement resulting in an unpleasant journey for all! For example, if you tried to place your child wearing a thick coat in the car seat with the straps adjusted for their normal indoor attire, it would virtually be impossible. This usually results in loosening the straps therefore becoming a danger. Simple solution. Lose the coat!


There is also the problem of overheating. No doubt the heating will be turned on and as your journey continues the car will become warmer.


So what is the solution for chillier days?


Parents can simply place a blanket or coat over the top of their child, however, for younger children prone to kicking their legs, this can easily fall off. The Puckababy Gogo is the perfect solution. It is simply placed in the car seat, with slots for the harness straps to pass through. Your baby is then strapped in as normal with the straps tight against their chest whilst wearing their normal indoor clothes. The Gogo is then wrapped around the baby, keeping them snug and warm. Additionally their little feet are kept nicely tucked in whilst embracing the baby’s body. A pleasant reassurance for mother and child. It’s the perfect snuggly wrapping blanket keeping your little one warm from top to toe. With regards to over heating, the Gogo can easily open up once the car has heated up! Meaning you can now drive safely knowing your little one is safe and snug!


Puckababy have teamed up with Baby Safety – Safety solutions to highlight the importance of making sure your journeys with your pint size bundle are safe and stress free. http://www.simplesafetysolutions.com/blog/car-safety-week-are-you-clued-up/


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