Healthy Ways to feed Your Horse

    There is more than one way to feed your horse, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stack it with hay everyday.  It is important to keep your horse at their best working weight, and if you have trained your horse well, they should be able to maintain a steady weight on their own. Just like the constant nagging I get from my personal trainer to eat the right kinds of food and preserve a healthy lifestyle balance.  {Read More}

How Much Exercise Does a Large Dog Need?

If you have a Greyhound, Boxer, Great Dane or any other large breed of dog, there is nothing you can both enjoy more than going outside and getting some exercise together. Exercising together not only helps you in keeping yourself healthy but also allows you to build a good relationship with each other. Exercise for Large Dogs: It won’t be a surprise for you to know how much exercise your large dog needs would depend on its breed. Medium to {Read More}

Scruffy’s 6 months old

So, a few months on and Scruffy the kitten has well and truly made himself at home. In fact, he seems to have taken over the house a little. It’s like we’ve always had him with us. We’ve cut a hole in the door to the cupboard under the stairs so he has his own space away from the children to eat. He  has his own corner of the dining room with his climbing tree and scratch post and a {Read More}

Introducing the newest member of the family!

For a long time now we have wanted to get a kitten and knowing that we weren’t going to have any more children, we decided that now was as good a time as any to add some more chaos into the house. We originally started looking at adopting a cat but quickly came to the realisation that with Benjamin being 2, it was unlikely that we would be able to adopt due to the fact that lots of the cats {Read More}