4 Things Your Pupper Cannot Do Without!

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Before you bring a dog into the family home, it is incredibly important that you know you can provide everything it needs. Both in terms of the physical things they require like equipment and food, and time and attention as well. In fact, if you cannot offer such an environment, you may not be ready for a dog right now. Luckily, you can use the list of things your pupper cannot do without below to check if you are prepared to welcome a furbaby into your life. Read on for more.

Vet care

The first thing that you need to be able to provide for a dog is veterinary care. After all, your pooch will need regular checkups, as well as vaccinations, boosters, and anti-worm and flea treatments. That’s not including any illness they may get or any emergency treatment they can end up needing either.

In fact, denying your pup veterinary care can be very dangerous both for their health and their happiness. To that end, be sure to look into doggy insurance, and check that your family budget will cover this for the duration of your pupper’s life.


All living creatures need to eat, and a dog will be no exception to this. In fact, making sure they have access to the right amount of healthy food will be essential to their well being. Of course, this means that any access to human food needs to be limited, particularly when it comes to things like chocolate and onions, which can be toxic to dogs.

Also, if you want your pup to be healthy, being able to provide good quality meals like the ones available from Chappie dog food is crucial. Happily, you can buy this type of dog food online. Something that can significantly reduce the cost, and so make owning a dog more accessible to your family, no matter what your income.


Next, your puppy will definitely not be able to do without exercise, and that means walks 2-3 times a day! Of course, smaller dogs will need to cover less distance than larger ones to get their daily dose of exercise.

In fact, it is well worth investigating the amount of activity the breed you are considering bringing home will need before you make the decision. After all, if you don’t have time to cover miles every day, then you may not be ready for a larger dog like an Alsatian or Greyhound.


Finally, all dogs need your love and attention. In fact, dogs are pack animals, and that means they really don’t do well when on their own. Of course, this matters because if you are regularly out of the house, it’s unlikely that you will be able to create the right sort of environment to support a dog.

However, there are exceptions, including folks that take their canine friends to work with them. Something that will ensure that the dog is getting the attention and contact with its owner it needs to thrive.


  1. I don’t know how, but my dogs need my full attention during the lockdown. Every time when I touch the keyboard to write something, they both jump on me, barking. 😀


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