Healthy Ways to feed Your Horse



There is more than one way to feed your horse, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stack it with hay everyday.  It is important to keep your horse at their best working weight, and if you have trained your horse well, they should be able to maintain a steady weight on their own.

Just like the constant nagging I get from my personal trainer to eat the right kinds of food and preserve a healthy lifestyle balance.  Well, many eye rolls later, I can’t deny the fact it has paid off, with the correct plan in place I can now fulfill these measures by myself.  I guess what I’m trying to say is, we’re a lot like horses, we eat when we’re hungry (the right foods of course), and exercise when we have energy to burn.

Appropriate Feed

Choosing the appropriate feed will determine whether or not your horse is galloping in the field showing off his silky coat and well-kept mane, or hiding out in the stables feasting on the leftover hay.  If your horse is shy when it comes to the great outdoors, it is perhaps worth feeding them a lower-nutrition hay, because again, like us, if we get bored, we eat! Right?

Perhaps it’s worth taking a look at some Horse feed suppliers to gain a better understanding of the appropriate nutritional food you should be feeding your horse.


Again, if I had a bottle of water for every time someone said have you had your 2 litres today? – I’d be drowning in it!  All jokes asides, it is important to hydrate yourself, so it is just as important to do the same for your horse.  You think 2 litres is a lot to handle, try chugging back gallons of it!  You should always make sure your horse has plenty of fresh water, especially in the Summer months, to keep them cool. 


If you’re looking to build your horse’s stamina whilst perfecting your own riding skills, then you will need to provide consistent exercise for both you and your horse.  The key to a happy and healthy horse is allowing your stallion to walk, trot, or gallop frequently, and by maintaining a good exercise routine, it will also keep you physically fit as well – win, win!  It is suggested that the routine be implemented in the morning, for the sake of you, and your horse as nobody wants to work out in the midday sun!

Be careful of digestive issues

It is important to ease your horse into the new Spring grass, regardless if you have a diet in place or not.  New grass can cause issues with the digestive system and increase risk of laminitis and colic.  Horse’s are usually happy to eat whatever is going in the field, so it’s your job as their owner to be aware of this and perhaps provide a muzzle if necessary to stop them getting carried away in the field!

Whether you’re making supplements for your horse more palatable, or running circles around the field to keep them fit, you’re on the right track for a happy and healthy horse.

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