How Much Exercise Does a Large Dog Need?

If you have a Greyhound, Boxer, Great Dane or any other large breed of dog, there is nothing you can both enjoy more than going outside and getting some exercise together.

Exercising together not only helps you in keeping yourself healthy but also allows you to build a good relationship with each other.

Exercise for Large Dogs:

It won’t be a surprise for you to know how much exercise your large dog needs would depend on its breed. Medium to Larger dogs like the Pudelpointer need much more exercise than medium or small sized dogs.

Generally, a large dog needs 60 – 90 minutes of exercise every day. The exercise routine of these dogs should include running, hike, or playtime with other dogs.

If your large dog is hyperactive, you can indulge them in certain sports like flyball or agility. Letting dogs balance themselves is also a good activity for dogs.

Things You Need to Remember:

It is important to remember that giant or large dogs are prone to joint issues. This is the reason these dogs critically require regular exercise to help them maintain a healthy weight. A healthy weight is crucial for larger breeds as the two main factors that lead to joint pains are obesity and inactivity.

Remember, these activities are for the dogs who are adults. Puppies do need exercise, but their skeleton is not strong enough to support intense exercises.

However, for adult dogs, you can start the following exercises:

  • Fetch Races:

It is a new game with a little twist. Take any toy that is favorite of your dog and give it a toss. But instead of waiting for the dog to go and fetch the toy, race with him and see who gets it first. However, try to avoid throwing sticks as they can cause injuries.

  • Dogstacle Course:

To do this activity, place some fitness steps or anything similar around your backyard. Put your dog on his leash and walk through the course you created at a quick pace. When you reach a step, do some moves of an exercise like leg squats. Your dog will be behind you in a continuous motion and would love to enjoy your companionship.

  • Dog Park:

Your local dog park is the best place to do some activities with your dog. Take your dog daily to the park. You can also invite some of your friends with their dogs and do a get together in the park for all dogs. Going to a dog park help you in establishing a good relationship with your pet.

  • Red Dot Rally:

This is one of the best activities for large dogs on a rainy day. You can easily play this game indoors. Shine the laser, and your dog will chase it to catch it. You can also play this game in your backyard. Remember, don’t shine the laser in your dog’s eyes as it is harmful to the eyesight. However, if you are playing indoor, make sure to remove all the breakable things.

Keep your large dos active, and you can spend more and more time happily with your healthy dogs.

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  1. I would love to setup a Dogcastle course in my backyard. Do you have any inspirational ideas on challenges? I think there should be some kind of teeter totter. What else should I get?

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