Scruffy’s 6 months old

So, a few months on and Scruffy the kitten has well and truly made himself at home. In fact, he seems to have taken over the house a little. It’s like we’ve always had him with us.

We’ve cut a hole in the door to the cupboard under the stairs so he has his own space away from the children to eat. He  has his own corner of the dining room with his climbing tree and scratch post and a lovely cosy bed; he also has a snuggly bed by the radiator in the living room and his own toy box full of fun treats. As well as all of these places, he also seems to make himself quite at home on all of our beds depending on where he sun is during the day.

The children adore him, always want to play with him or cuddle him, and love it when he comes up to watch them have their bath. He’s a very social kitty and loves to be around people. However, as he was growing, he became more and more desperate to get outside. We were advised to not let him out until after he was neutered at 5 months (because he was more likely to go wandering looking for females). So we came up with a compromise.

For a month or so, Scruffy was allowed outside with us on a lead. He wasn’t too sure at first but very quickly realised that putting the harness on meant he could go outside. Now at just 6 months, we’ve been slowly letting him out without a lead on. He loves exploring and for a week or so was more than happy to just explore the garden. Today however, he made a jump on to the climbing frame to see what else he could see. While he hasn’t quite managed to get out of the garden yet, I’m sure it’s not going to be too long!

So, my question to you, if you’ve let your kittens out, what have you done to encourage them to come back home? I’d love to hear all your tips!


  1. Scruffy wins the cute prize!


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