Belly Bandit Bamboo and Mother Tucker Leggings

Fantastic results after just 6 weeks- is Belly Bandit really the answer?

After delivering my first child I really felt that  my posture suffered and my stomach was so painful that I literally held the baby belly in so I really wanted to find a product to help with these issues after my second child.

Belly Bandit offer a range of products that should help with this and they have the added benefit of being compression products which help aid the shrinking of your post baby belly.

I tried two of Belly Bandit’s products and here are my thoughts:

The Mother Tucker Compression Leggings were AMAZING! I would recommend these to EVERY new mummy; they are super comfortable and do exactly what you want them to do.

I used these the first day I got home from the hospital and still wear them occasionally now. They had just enough compression around the tummy to help me feel like I didn’t have to hold myself in but it wasn’t overpowering either. They worked brilliantly for the purpose and I really did feel so much better and so much more supported than the first time round.

So my main aim was to help improve the pain of a saggy baby belly post partum and the Mother Tucker Leggings ticked that box instantly but they also hold another little secret tat most women would love – they have two more compression zones: your thighs and bum! What could be better?? I really really can’t fault these leggings and will continue to use them for a while yet I’m sure!

On a practical note they are seamless, breathable and they do hold their shape after each wash and they are designed for use both before and after pregnancy. I just wish I had two pairs so in the early days I didn’t have to go a day without them.

I also tried the Belly Bandit Bamboo. This really does work but it depends how committed you are to wearing it. It claims to help you loose inches faster, accelerate healing, minimise stretch marks as well as support your back, leg and core muscles while adding support while breastfeeding. Because I didn’t get any stretch marks I can’t comment on that but I did feel it helped speed up the shrinking of my uterus.

In terms of actual support (the real reason I tried it in the first place) I do feel it played a great part in helping with my posture post partum. I always felt so hunched over in the early days with Isabella but using the Belly Bandit made me more conscious and aware of my posture as well as being physically supportive to my back and core. I can’t say I noticed the support to my legs but it’s possible it helped there too.

In terms of being supportive during breastfeeding, I wasn’t so convinced. I felt in the early days it actually got in the way a little bit as it could sometimes ride up so I would have to reposition it before feeding so it didn’t bunch up. However, because I wasn’t using it to aid with breastfeeding, I didn’t feel this was a negative against the product.

The material, being made from viscose, was really soft and I didn’t feel it was uncomfortable or irritable to the skin. It was easy to wear but could sometimes towards the end of the day become a little less comfortable. I’m not sure I could have worn it 24hours a day (which is suggested for best results). However, I did wear it during the daytime and found it really helped support me in the way I needed. There is an option to buy the Belly Shield which is used underneath the Belly Bandit itself to help reduce any irritability but if it got uncomfortable I just put it over a vest.

I wish that there was a little more Velcro on the outside for the shrinking period as I feel it would last a little longer if I could tighten it a little bit more, especially as it should be worn for the first 6 weeks.

My only other niggle is that once it’s fastened, the seam around the Belly Bandit can feel quite thick and would be noticeable under tight clothing. I’m not sure that this issue could be addressed as it needs to overlap but I thought it worth pointing out. If you want to use it to suck in your tum and wear tight tops, it might not be what you’re after. If you want to use it to aid support to your back and core it’s certainly worth spending the money on.

Having spoken to a friend who has also been using the Belly Bandit but after a caesarean section, she agreed with the support aspect but wanted other mums to be aware that the area around the scar can be quite tender so she has been gradually building up the amount of time she can actually wear it. She has however noticed a difference from her first pregnancy and really likes the product too.

Here are my before and after shots from in the delivery room, 2 weeks after baby and 6 weeks after baby. I fee the results are noticeable and well worth the money that you spend on such a good product, especially for the items you can wear as normal shapewear.


  1. Great post. I’ve been looking into these products as i’m sue in July. This was really helpful. You look great!

  2. I had 3 c-sections and wore the big white band after the last 2. It helped tremendously in how fast I got back to being movable. 2 days after a c-section and I was able to do housework (light duty of course) but still normalcy. Dropping by from Susan’s linky 😉

  3. Belly Bandit Viscose from Bamboo Postpartum Belly Wrap. It provides excellent support to the back and relieves pain.

  4. Hi 🙂 did you wear the leggings and the bandit at the same time? Or do you have to wear them separately?

    • Hi, I did both. To begin with, I wore them both and then I just wore the leggings or bandit depending on what I was wearing. I really felt it helped and would definitely wear them again – the leggings especially! I hope that helps.

  5. Salut😃J’hésite entre 2 tailles le S ou M
    Pour donner une idée, quelle est la taille que vous portez sur la photo?

  6. Emilee Brooks says:

    If you don’t mind me asking how did you pick your sizing for the leggings. I really want to get a pair but I was a 4/6 pre pregnancy and the chart shows that with my waste a 37 (baby inside) I need a large. What do you suggest.
    Thank you for this review it’s so helpful!!

    • Hi Emilee,

      I was just on the edge of small/medium but decided to go with the smaller option as my bump was measuring quite big. The customer services was very helpful though so if you’re not sure, I’d email them before you buy. Sorry I couldn’t be more help. All the best of luck.

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