Dr Joanna Helcke’s online pregnancy and postnatal fitness programme

I’ve had the opportunity to review Dr Joanna Helcke’s online pregnancy and postnatal fitness programme. I am 8 weeks into the program with the first 6 being specifically designed for your postnatal body before the 6 week check.

I wanted to wait until after the 6 week period was up because for me, being the impatient person that I am, I wanted to see what ‘real’ exercise I could do once I was given the all clear.


The videos are really easy to follow and are very calming. If you can find yourself 20 minutes to half an hour, you will come away feeling very relaxed. Dr Joanna Helcke is very clear and makes sure that she explains very clearly what you have to do and how to do it properly. I think the repetition throughout the different exercises is good to ensure that we are doing the exercises well.

As well as the video being clear and easy to follow, the thing I like the most is how thinks are explained with the reasons behind it too. Dr Joanna Helcke also offers different options for you to do if your body isn’t quite ready for the exercises she suggests; there is always an alternative available. As the weeks progress, the exercise obviously gets progressively harder but it’s still manageable because of the alternatives available.


These videos (which are personalised in terms of where you are in your Flomax pre/post natal recovery) are really unique and mean that busy mums can access exercise specifically tailored to them in the comfort of their own home. This is something that I really loved as with my first child, I tried going to an exercise class with my daughter and it just didn’t work; I couldn’t concentrate as she was upset or hungry usually so it meant I didn’t really ever get the workout I wanted. Having the videos at home means I can do it in my own time when I have a spare half an hour.

As well as the videos, there’s also a weekly to do list which has some fantastic extras including mummy tummy workouts (which I think we all love!) and a lovely easy meal planner. You are even able to access Dr Joanna Helcke directly by email or on the forum to ask any questions you might have. I think this is an invaluable tool as videos are great but sometimes you just need to talk to someone about an issue you have and there’s nothing worse than just having to scroll through ‘frequently asked questions’!


For just £12 per month, this is a really practical and affordable option for most mummies and I would certainly recommend this to new mums who can’t find the time to fit in any exercise classes but who want to get back into shape.

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