Sudio Klar Wireless Headphones : Review

Look With most things now, design and the overall look of the product is something which is really important. The Sudio Klar over ear Headphones look really smart and elegant with such a simple style. I love the colour combination of the white with the thin gold wire frame which holds the ear cups. The headband has a lovely thick padded leather top which not only looks comfortable but also adds a touch of luxury.  The plastic ear cups and {Read More}

Why should I buy a sound bar?

So, you’ve got an awesome TV and the picture quality is phenomenal; you love watching films but the sound just isn’t quite up there. Here’s where a sound bar can make the difference. In face, you owe it to yourself to enhance your viewing pleasure with audio to match your perfect picture quality. But what do they actually do? Sound bars help to create a more dynamic clarity to your audio. It helps eliminate any muffled sound and transforms it {Read More}

VonShef 750W Food Processor : Review

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been putting the VonShef 750W Food Processor through its paces to see if it can save me time in the kitchen at meal times. It’s also inspired me to try and make healthy snacks for the children instead of buying them! What’s Inside? You will receive: 2 litre bowl 1.8 litre jug Stainless steel coarse grater Stainless steel fine grater Emulsifying disc Stainless steel shredder Plastic dough blade Stainless steel chopper blade Citrus {Read More}

Glam & Style Conical Curling Wand

Over the years, I’ve tried to find a curling wand that actually works and one where the curls actually last longer than walking out the house. My issue is that I have quite naturally curly yet frizzy hair so to get a nice smooth curl, I have to either blow-dry my hair straight first or straighten it before attempting to put a curl in it. As I’ve straightened it before curling, the curl can sometimes drop far too quickly and {Read More}

GTech Multi handheld vacuum: Review

Last year we were sent the GTech AirRam to review and you can read what we thought about it here. One of the only elements that I felt that was missing from this machine was the lack of attachment features to get into all those hard to reach areas. Well to solve this dilemma, we’ve been sent the new, high performance GTech Multi handheld to review to compliment the performance of the AirRam and my first impressions of it are {Read More}

Tech 21 iPhone 5 Case

As a busy parent, getting things done with a toddler in toe can sometimes be tricky and most of us I’m sure (myself included) at some point have passed over their phone to their tot just to try and get something finished. This all seems like a great strategy at the time but toddlers are prone to dropping things, be it deliberately or by mistake so the best advice I can give (apart from unrealistically saying never give your toddler {Read More}