GTech Multi handheld vacuum: Review

Last year we were sent the GTech AirRam to review and you can read what we thought about it here. One of the only elements that I felt that was missing from this machine was the lack of attachment features to get into all those hard to reach areas. Well to solve this dilemma, we’ve been sent the new, high performance GTech Multi handheld to review to compliment the performance of the AirRam and my first impressions of it are great.

GTech Multi

So, what’s to love?

Firstly, it has a powerful 22v battery that lasts for 20 minutes. It doesn’t sound like a lot of time, but it’s plenty for the stairs and hard to reach areas as well as just the odd mess. The device is really compact and light making it easy to use and the attachments are perfect for all types of vacuuming needs. My favourite attachment has to be the 36cm extendable hose; this enables you to reach even the most awkward of places with ease.

GTech Multi 2

A little extra feature that I think is genius is the light! Who knew you’d need a light on a handheld vacuum? Well, it certainly helps to see all the dirt when you’re getting in those hard to reach places.

GTech Multi light

As I mentioned, I tend to do the main vacuuming with the GTech AirRam and then once this is complete, I use the Multi to go around the skirting boards and up the stairs or to get into ant nooks and crevasses where dust and Cheerio’s seem to accumulate.

Is 20 minutes long enough?

The powerful suction this handheld offers will last for 20 minutes off of a 4 hour charge. You can squeeze a little extra time out of it, but the suction isn’t as good. To be honest, I don’t ever use the full 20 minutes and will often use the rest of the power to clean up crumbs after snack time or to pick up the dinner dropped on the carpet after every meal. I have used the Multi almost every day since it arrived and I now don’t think I can live without it.

It’s a brilliant tool to have to keep charged and ready as, even if you don’t have the time to do a full vacuum, you can just grab the Multi and clean up after your little monsters. Because it’s cordless, there’s no fuss or fiddling with plug sockets or running out of cord which makes the GTech Multi a powerful and convenient tool for any parent or pet owner!

From a convenience point of view, vacuuming the stairs has never been easier. I’ve always hated doing the stairs because it means lugging a heavy vacuum up each step as you go. Because of this, I often neglected the stairs but now, I always vacuum them along with the rest of the house.

GTech Multi stairs

It doesn’t have to stay in the house

The rear foot wells in my car are often a place of lost toy parts, odd shoes and many, many crumbs from that quick pit stops we make on longer journeys as the kids are too hungry to wait for anything else! Because they can get so messy, I sometimes just leave it until it drives me mad and I take it to be valeted. Now I have the Multi, I don’t need to leave it. The Multi is easy to take outside and the suction is strong enough to clear up most of the mess left behind.

I really cannot fault the Multi so far and think it’s a must have item in my household now!

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  1. Hello there Michelle! I would like to ask you if you have noticed any disadvantages ever since the first time you used it? Any signs of its how durable it would be in the long term in your opinion? I badly need to buy some sort of handy cleaning unit and this came up in results.

    • Hello! I haven’t noticed any loss in power at all; it still seems like a great and reliable option to me 🙂

  2. Very nice blog,Thanks for sharing.

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