Sudio Klar Wireless Headphones : Review


With most things now, design and the overall look of the product is something which is really important. The Sudio Klar over ear Headphones look really smart and elegant with such a simple style. I love the colour combination of the white with the thin gold wire frame which holds the ear cups. The headband has a lovely thick padded leather top which not only looks comfortable but also adds a touch of luxury.  The plastic ear cups and the foldable plastic clip which attaches to the headband seem to be strong and well made. Personally, I feel the matt plastic adds to the modern clean look and it also helps the headphones to not be too heavy!

Wearing the Sudio Klar Headphones

Sometimes you can get some beautiful looking headphones but in reality, they are too heavy or uncomfortable to wear for long stints. The design of the Klar Headphones ensures that not only do you have super stylish headphones, but they are also wonderfully comfortable. There is a decent amount of padding on the headband itself and the padding around the ears is equally as soft and cushions your ears when you use them. If you are in the car or travelling and are resting your head, they also don’t dig in to your head when resting on the seat. This is really important as we often let the children use the headphones on really long car journeys. Their heads tend to rest on their car seats and I know they will be comfortable. Again, because these headphones are light, we find they are comfortable to wear over long periods too, even for the children.


Without being techy, as I’d likely not get it quite right! These wireless headphones have a good sound quality. They boast an active noise cancelling function which is especially good when you are trying to drown out the incessant questioning of ‘Are we there yet?’ and also are brilliant when you have siblings sitting next to each other watching different things. The sound doesn’t seem to leak out either which is great news for when you are out and about. These headphones have been brilliant for long car journeys with two children. The battery life is around 30 hours too per charge which we think is actually quite good. With their 3-button controller on the right ear-cup, you are able to easily control the sound and lose yourself in your own world.

What’s in the box?

In the box, apart from the headphones themselves, you’ll get a microUSB charging cable and an aux cable as well as a guarantee certificate, a quick start guide and a user manual. We were also given a carry bag to store our headphones and cables in when not in use which is a great idea. Although these headphones can fold so are more portable, they still need some sort of protection to keep them working their best.

Additional Features

A lovely little extra on these headphones is the build in microphone and voice assistant. The children can sometimes fumble a little with the buttons or press the wrong thing so having SIRI or GOOGLE ASSISTANT available, makes these headphones even more accessible. They use the Bluetooth version 4.1 and have a range of 10m are compatible with both Android and iOS which enables us to use multiple devices. The only thing we have to watch out for is when we are all together, ensuring the headphones are connected to the right device!

Our Verdict and 15% off!

We have really enjoyed using these headphones and the whole family agree that they are a good piece of kit which look fab too. If you would like to bag yourself 15% off a Sudio product, just enter the code whatmummythinks at the checkout.

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