VonShef 750W Food Processor : Review

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been putting the VonShef 750W Food Processor through its paces to see if it can save me time in the kitchen at meal times. It’s also inspired me to try and make healthy snacks for the children instead of buying them!

What’s Inside?

You will receive:

2 litre bowl

1.8 litre jug

Stainless steel coarse grater

Stainless steel fine grater

Emulsifying disc

Stainless steel shredder

Plastic dough blade

Stainless steel chopper blade

Citrus juicing attachment

How can it help in the kitchen?

I’m forever blending and chopping veg to mix in to all sorts of meals to help the children eat a wide range of new fruit and veg and sometimes this can be quite time consuming, especially when you have to continually stop to monitor the children (or the cat!).

I’ve found that since having the VonShef 750W Food Processor, whizzing up my veg is done in seconds and I’ve even managed to contain the mess to just the one bowl to save on the washing up too! I love how quick and easy it is to completely blend food as well as finely chop or grate food too.

There are two speed settings and a pulse setting, which allows you to create the perfect consistency for whatever dish you are creating. For my spaghetti bolognese and other similar dishes, I like to fully blend the vegetables into the sauce; this way, the children eat it with no complaints. Before, my eldest was becoming fussy with textures, especially onion and pepper but when it’s blended, she scoffs the lot!

Large capacity

The bowl and jar are incredibly generous in size and have actually made making meals so quick for me. I had a much smaller blender/chopper before and had to separate all the items so as not to overfull the bowl. The 2 litre bowl on this food processor allows me to chuck everything in at one and blitz it all together in seconds.

Quick results

The children love watching how quickly you can chop and grate veg too; their favourite being carrots. They also commented on how smooth the carrots where once sliced and they now always ask for sliced carrot to much.

With my son’s birthday just gone, I decided to see whether I could also mix cake mixture. I know it kneads dough but thought it was worth giving it a shot. Although I don’t think technically you should, if you aren’t going to use it to mix cake mix a lot, I certainly give it the thumbs up! I used the plastic dough blade to mix the cake ingredients together and found it did the job really well! My cakes turned out soft and fluffy and taste really yummy too!

Overall I love this new addition to our kitchen – I actually can’t fault it! It even has four little sucker feet to ensure it doesn’t slip; it’s sturdy and well made. This item has made a big difference to my food preparation time and has encouraged us to eat healthier snacks too.

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