Why should I buy a sound bar?

So, you’ve got an awesome TV and the picture quality is phenomenal; you love watching films but the sound just isn’t quite up there. Here’s where a sound bar can make the difference. In face, you owe it to yourself to enhance your viewing pleasure with audio to match your perfect picture quality.

TV with soundbar with films on Netflix

But what do they actually do?

Sound bars help to create a more dynamic clarity to your audio. It helps eliminate any muffled sound and transforms it into a cinematic experience. Because a sound bar is essentially a tiny sound system with big qualities, they are discrete but pack a punch. You don’t have to be super techy to install one and they literally run off your TV so you don’t need any other expensive equipment to make it work.

Do you need additional speakers?

No. Although some may wish to add additional speakers for an all encompassing sound, a sound bar will be perfect if you’re just looking at improving the quality of your viewing experience. What you should look for though is that your sound bar has 3 or more channels. Why? Because this will simulate surround sound for a better audio experience. If you get a 2 channel sound bar, you are essentially just buying a stereo rather than getting more of a surround sound experience.

What connectivity should I go for?

It depends what you want to do but if you get one which is WiFi and or Bluetooth enabled, you will be able to effortlessly stream music through your sound bar too. Double check the HDMI connectivity too so you can easily switch and re-route audio without having to play around with your HDMI cables.

Why should I care if it’s passive or active?

If you’re looking at keeping costs down but still want improved sounds, you should try and get an active sound bar really because passive sound bars don’t have a built in power amp and thus needs a receiver or amplifier to work. However, passive sound bars actually have a better sound. They just cost more as you will have to add additional components to it. An active sound bar comes with a built in amplifier which powers everything. Because of this, there are less wires to faff with and it’s a more all in one device.

Whichever model you decide is right for you, you should shop around first and see if you can grab yourself a bargain. Latest Deals have some brilliant options for discounted sound bars or even offer discounts off well known retailers.

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