Origin Hybrid Mattress Review

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Being a mum is a good thing, but it is not easy. Sometimes I barely get enough sleep because I have to deal with stress and back pain from cooking, cleaning, and taking care of my two kids. Moms often get overlooked when it comes to getting quality sleep, but they need to sleep well too! You need a good mattress that will provide enough support and comfort while relieving pain from your back, neck, hips, and joints.

Why A Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress makes a good fit for mums like us who look forward to a night of pain-free and comfortable sleep. It combines the benefits of pressure-relieving foam with the sturdiness and support of inner springs. It is durable and provides value for money. You will find many hybrid mattress brands in the market but not all meet the quality standards required to give you quality sleep. So I put together a detailed buying guide to help you in your quest to better sleep.

Hybrid Mattress Buying Guide

If you finally decide to ditch the memory foam or innerspring mattress, this buying guide will prepare you for your journey towards a comfortable sleep. In addition, it will get into details of what to expect when you finally receive your hybrid mattress.

Layers Of A Hybrid Mattress

Although you will find different labels on hybrid mattresses, four main layers make a standard hybrid mattress;

1.Comfort Layer

In a standard hybrid mattress, the comfort layer should be 2 inches thick. It can be made of memory foam, latex, or gel foam and its main aim is to provide pressure relief and determine the mattress firmness.

2.Transition Layer

It is designed to support the comfort layer, but it’s not common among all hybrid mattresses. The transition layer may be made of polyfoam, latex, or memory foam, and it prevents you from the poking feeling of pocket springs.

3.Support Layer

The support layer consists of individually wrapped pocket springs, which set a hybrid mattress from a foam mattress. In some hybrids, the pocket springs are wrapped using fabric, while in others, they are wrapped using memory foam. The pocket springs allow air movement to keep the mattress cool. It forms the primary support system, and it isolates motion and prevents squeakiness.

4.Base Layer

It is the hard layer underneath the pocketed coils that support and maintain the tension of the coil springs. It’s also essential to prolong the life of your hybrid mattress and enhance its ability to isolate motion.

Pros Of A Hybrid Mattress

Since a hybrid mattress combines memory foam and inner springs, it comes with benefits such as;

Increased Responsiveness

Unlike a memory foam that sinks under pressure and an innerspring mattress that is too stiff, a hybrid mattress combines them both to offer a balance between support and responsiveness. As a result, a hybrid mattress responds quickly to any movement while retaining its original shape.

They Are Supportive

The inner pocket spring in a hybrid mattress provides excellent support to the back and aligns the spine.  In addition, the internal springs offer excellent edge support while maintaining the structural integrity of the mattress and provide support while sleeping on any spot to prevent rolling over.

They Sleep Cool

Unlike foam mattresses that retain heat, some hybrid mattresses have a layer of gel-infused memory foam that absorbs and dissipates heat. In addition, the individually wrapped pocket springs allow air circulation to keep you cool and comfortable.

No Motion Transfer

The individually wrapped pocket springs in a hybrid mattress isolate motion and prevent the transfer, unlike in a mattress where the pocket coils are interconnected. This feature is beneficial if you sleep with a partner to ensure they do not wake you when getting in and out of bed.

They Offer Great Value

Buying a hybrid mattress is an excellent investment to make because it provides excellent value. Because hybrids are comfortable and durable, you don’t need to replace them after every few months. In addition, they are reasonably priced to ensure you don’t need to break a bank to get a good mattress.

They Provide Pain Relief

A hybrid mattress has comfort layers that prevent pressure build-up around the shoulders, hips, and back—the combination of foam and inner springs contours your body while relieving pain on the pressure points. In addition, it encourages a proper sleeping posture that aligns the spinal cord.

Cons Of A Hybrid Mattress

Although hybrid mattresses are comfortable and provide excellent pain relief, they consist of several layers, making them heavy and bulky. In addition, due to the combination of different materials such as latex, memory foam, and inner springs, their prices are higher than those of memory foam, latex, and innerspring mattresses.

Based on the buying guide, I recommend getting a hybrid mattress from Origin, a tech-based company that focuses on sleep products to create the best night’s sleep experience.  Keep Reading for an in-depth review of the mattress and tons of helpful information regarding hybrid mattresses.

Origin Hybrid Mattress Features

Origin hybrid mattress combines signature relieving foam, natural latex, and high-quality springs to provide support, comfort, and durability. It’s six-layered to provide maximum benefits of foam and innerspring.

The Origin hybrid mattress is covered with an airflow Tencel soft to the skin, absorbent safe, and hypoallergenic. It’s breathable and odour-free, and it gives you a plush feeling that you would only feel if you were sleeping on the clouds. In addition, your bedroom will be fresh and safe for your kids because the Tencel cover does not allow bacteria, viruses, and dust mites to thrive.

The Aeroflex natural latex forms the second layer, and it provides buoyancy and cushioning that is much needed by mums with joint and back pains. On a hot night, it absorbs heat and dissipates it away from your body so that you sleep relaxed and comfortable. In addition, it provides extra support and firmness to relieve pressure on your hips, joints, and shoulders.

Origin hybrid mattress features a cloud-cool memory foam as the third layer. It absorbs heat to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night while contouring your body and aligning your spine. This feature is handy to mums who suffer from aches and pains from baby-wearing and all mums who have to deal with back pain from cleaning and cooking for their families.

The fourth layer features the origin innovative edge support system that beats memory foam. It ensures that you stay intact without slipping or dipping from the sides and gives you the liberty to sit at the edge of the mattress without falling.

The reflex support layer comes immediately after the fourth layer and is made from a proprietary blend of open-cell foam and latex. It is custom-designed to give your body extra support and relieve pain from your back, hips, and shoulders. This layer comes immediately before the pocket spring to support them and also prevent poking.

Origin Ergocoil support springs form the sixth layer, and it consists of individually wrapped pocket springs to absorb every little movement that you or your partner makes. It is sturdy enough to provide enough support to any sleeper while allowing unrestricted airflow for a comfortable and relaxed sleep. In addition, the individually wrapped coils isolate motion and prevent transfer resulting in a quiet night’s sleep.

Some hybrid mattresses are too soft, causing your midsection to sink when you sleep on them. Sinking causes your spinal cord to bend out of shape resulting in too much pressure on your hips and shoulders. If you use this mattress for a long time, it may lead to severe back problems. Others are too firm, which causes the spinal cord to curve. Origin hybrid mattress has a medium firmness that aligns the spinal cord while relieving pressure from the shoulders and hips.

Origin Hybrid Pros

  • It’s cooler than a traditional memory foam mattress, which retains heat
  • Provides adequate buoyancy and support
  • It does not sink under pressure
  • It’s sturdy and durable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Free from bugs, mites, bacteria, and parasites
  • Offers prompt delivery and hassle-free returns
  • Odourless and breathable
  • It comes with a 200 nights free trial period, and 15 years warranty

Origin Hybrid Cons

  • It’s heavy
  • It’s a bit pricey

Who Should Use An Origin Hybrid Mattress

We recommend Origin hybrid mattress for all types of sleepers because it provides excellent support, comfort, and stability required for a lifetime of quality sleep. The following categories will get the most out of it;

Hot Sleepers

Do you wake up in the wee hours of the night to take a shower because you are soaked in sweat? If this sounds like you, it could be that your mattress retains heat and lacks breathability. We recommend the Origin hybrid mattress because it is covered with a breathable airflow Tencel. The gel-infused memory foam and latex absorb body heat and dissipates it away, leaving you relaxed and comfortable. In addition, the individually wrapped pocket springs allow air movement for a fresh and cool night of quality sleep.

Mums With Chronic Back Pain

If you have been having on and off back pain for the last three months, choosing the Origin hybrid mattress will provide excellent pain relief. The pocket springs add extra buoyancy and support, while the natural latex offers a cushion to relieve pain on the hips, back, and shoulders.


A couple needs a hybrid mattress that is sturdy enough to support both their weights without sinking and sagging. We recommend Origin hybrid because it fits the description. The individually wrapped pocket springs absorb movement while providing support to ensure that you don’t have to wake up each time your partner tosses or turns. The pocket springs and the Tencel covering allow air movement to prevent overheating. Couples also need a mattress like an Origin hybrid with gel-infused memory foam to absorb body heat.

Heavy Sleepers

As a plus-sized sleeper, getting the right kind of mattress can be a daunting task. A low-quality mattress may sink under pressure while bending your spinal cord, while a too-firm mattress may exert too much pressure on the shoulders, hips and misalign the spinal cord. Origin hybrid mattress is of medium firmness, and it provides an uplifting feeling. The pocket springs offer enough support to sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds without sinking or sagging. In addition, the base layer adequately supports the pocket coils and enhances their durability and ability to support any weight.

The Bottom Line

As mums, we have a lot to deal with, requiring us to have a comfortable mattress to rest on after a day of hard work. In addition, we often have to deal with the pressure and stress of raising our kids, not forgetting the constant pains from doing all the heavy lifting around the house. I recommend the origin hybrid mattress because it provides pressure and pain relief by cushioning pressure points such as hips, back, and shoulders. In addition, it’s durable, and it gives value for money. The company offers 120 nights of free trial and hassle-free returns with a 100% money-back guarantee. Although it is heavy, the company will deliver it to your doorstep, so you don’t have to struggle with transportation. It’s made of premium quality materials that ensure its durability and justify its price. In addition, the company gives a 15 years warranty period which is quite a long time for a hybrid mattress.

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