Switch Art – Magnetic Frames and Prints

I love my photos but I also love changing them as the children grow. I can’t remember how many ‘favourite pictures’ I have had over the past three years, but it’s more than I’ve got room for, that’s for sure.IMG_1332.JPG

When I can across Switch Art, I was really intrigued. I loved the idea but wondered how good the prints would actually be. I have to say, they are amazing. They quality is brilliant (even off an iPhone image) and the print and frame look really modern.IMG_1334.JPG

The idea behind Switch Art is that you have different images printed onto a magnetic sheet so you can switch the image without any hassle or worry. The prints roll up to store safely.

The frame and image look more like a modern canvas but with a more durable and strong print with the ease of being able to change it when you fancy.

IMG_1333.JPGThe process is really quick and easy. You can select to either buy the whole package (prints and frame) or you can buy the magnetic print individually. You simply upload your photo(s) and select which size print you’d like. It’s that simple.2015-12-02 (1)

I have always found it difficult to find the time to keep swapping photos and finding the right frame to fit but with Switch Art you really don’t need to worry. It takes seconds to unroll the new art onto the frame, transforming and updating the room without fiddling with glass and positioning the print.IMG_1337.JPG

If you are looking to buy someone something special (or treat yourself!), I cannot reccoment Switch Art strongly enough.

The whole process from upload to delivery was quick and effortless but the end result is beautiful. I am certainly a Switch Art convert!


  1. Thomas R Malone says:

    I love switchart too, but the product’s been discontinued at allposters.com and art.com. Do you know other places where I can buy it?

  2. Tom Malone says:

    Can I buy switch art magnetic prints here?

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