JORD Wooden Watches: Review and contest!

I have had my eye on one of these watches for a while now but always worried they’d be too bulky for my tiny wrists. So when I was offered the chance to review one of their Zebrawood and Maple , I couldn’t have been happier. I am totally smitten with this wooden watch and have worn it every day I’ve owned it (I usually only wear a watch to work) but think the JORD wooden watches are such a beautiful accessory that I can’t help but put it on in the morning.

Bold style

I love the unique, bold style that JORD offer in their watches and their Zebrawood pices are just amazing. The striking colour contrast is what first attracted me to this particular wooden watch. I love how, even though two people may own the same watch, they are still totally unique as the grain patterns and finish will always be slightly different to one another.

Apart from having teeny wrists, the only other thing I worried about was the weight behind the watches. Because I’m used to wearing very delicate watches, I worried these lager ones would end up being too heavy; however, the Zebrawood and Maple watch I have is so light, I could easily forget I’m wearing it. I have to wear a watch to work as using a mobile in the classroom isn’t appropriate so I’ve always worn something small, delicate and metal. It’s what I would call a ‘posh watch’ so could be worn out but would look a little silly with jeans and a jumper on.

Well, I can safely say, I’m a complete convert to this wooden watch. I wear it to work, I wear it at home and I wear it on the weekends too (I never used to do this). I think of the watch as more of a fashion item. Yes, it tells the time but it’s also just beautiful. I’ve had so many lovely comments about it and how unusual it is.


Beauty, fashion and practicality aren’t the only benefits of buying from JORD. You are told very openly the sustainability of the wood you are choosing to buy. Many companies, I feel, would hide the fact if something wasn’t particularly sustainable but JORD choose to be transparent about it so it gives the consumer the choice to decide for themselves. There are woods like Koa that a used which are said to be species of least concern but there are also woods such as Sandalwood which is listed as a vulnerable species by the IUCN. By being so open and transparent about the materials used, JORD have given their consumers the choice to buy or not.

I love my Zebrawood and Maple watch. It boasts a scratch-resistant mineral glass (perfect for everyday wearing) and uses a deployment buckle with two push buttons to release. It’s splash-proof which I feel is a necessity with any watch but not water-proof due to the natural materials. It also comes with a 1 year warranty.

If you are looking for a gorgeous new watch that will double up as a statement piece, you must go and have a look at JORD watches. They really are beautiful, comfortable and practical.


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